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Hoodlums attack Hausa community after Owo Catholic Church massacre




Hoodlums have allegedly attacked Hausa community after Owo Catholic Church massacre

Following the terror attack by gunmen on St. Francis Catholic Church on Owa-luwa Street, in the state’s Owo Local Government Area, some hoodlums are said to have targeted Northerners in the Ogwatoghose and Ikare districts of Ondo State.

Some locals in Owo town, where the event occurred, retaliated by attacking Hausa people (a northern Nigerian ethnic group) in several areas of the town.

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The attackers were described by the chief as miscreants and unlucky individuals who took advantage of the situation to pillage.

“There’s a spot where the Hausas buy and sell aluminum and iron material,” he explained. They were beaten and their belongings were taken away. The incident occurred on Ogwatoghose (Owatowse) Street.

“Looting opportunities were not ruled out.” The Ikare junction region was also hit by the same attack.

“Some of the assailants are criminals. These appear to me to be helpless individuals who must fend for themselves.”

Ejes Gist Newspaper had reported that some worshippers were killed in an explosion on the church grounds while the mass was in progress.

During the celebration of Pentecost Sunday, members of the church were attacked by terrorists who were reported to be of Northern descent.

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