Heartbroken Nurse Reveals She Held The Hands Of 4 Coronavirus Patients As They All Died In One Day


Gemma Louise

Gemma Louise, believed to be from the UK, said it ‘breaks her heart’ that victims cannot be with their families in their final moments

A hero NHS nurse has shared a heartbreaking account of holding the hands of four coronavirus patients as they all passed away on the same day.

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Gemma Louise, believed to be from the UK, said it ‘breaks her heart’ that victims cannot be with their families in their final moments.

Writing on Facebook, she begged people to heed the advice and stay indoors to help protect and save lives.

Gemma said: ‘Today I held the hands of four patients as they sadly passed away from COVID 19. One of them was in their 40s.

‘To say it was heartbreaking, doesn’t even come close. Watching people deteriorate so quickly and having nothing left you can do to help them is the worst feeling.

‘It breaks my heart that they can’t spend their last moments with their families and that we have to break the news to their relatives over the phone.’

She went on to describe the virus as ‘absolutely devastating’, admitting there is very little doctors can do other than support people’s breathing with oxygen as it attacks so many organs in the body.

Writing on April 9, before the Easter break, Gemma went on: ‘PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stay at home this weekend.

‘It angers me so much that people can’t follow this simple command to keep themselves and their families safe.

‘If we can risk our lives helping people and sweating for hours on end in PPE, then you can stay at home watching TV.

‘I will be working this weekend but will look forward to celebrating the end with my family and friends when we make it through the other side of this horrible time. Stay safe.’

Gemma later shared an update, admitting she wasn’t expecting such a huge response to her post, which attracted more than 96,000 reactions, 42,000 comments and 79,000 shares.

Her words touched the hearts of thousands of people across the world. Jover-Nelfa Vergara commented: ‘May God bless you and protect you all! Thank you for your service to the people!’

Carmela Mammoliti wrote: ‘So grateful to you healthcare workers who sacrifice your lives to help others. There is not enough thanks that can be expressed through words.’

And Julie Long said: ‘I can’t think of words good enough to describe what you and your wonderful colleagues across our land are doing for us you are all Angels, bless you sweetheart.’

Gemma added: ‘Thank you for all of your kind words! I will make sure to pass them onto all of my colleagues and other NHS staff I know.’


Source: Daily Mail UK



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