Health Talk: Why you need to be a Cockroach Killer


The relationship between humans and cockroaches has been as old as time. These adapting insects have followed humans from the stone age to the 21st century (They are still not going anywhere). 

Quick facts about Cockroaches

  1. Cockroaches can survive without its head (The are stronger than vampires).
  2. Cockroaches can survive without food for a month.
  3. Cockroaches can survive without water for 2 weeks. 
  4. Cockroaches defecate on human food.
  5. Cockroaches can trigger a severe asthma attack.
  6. Cockroaches spread bacteria that causes typhoid.

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Cockroaches feed on almost anything. They are not only attracted to human food, but they also eat books, other insects air, meat. They vomit and defecate on human food. A cockroach can kill you if you don’t kill it first. Younger cockroaches can crawl inside open organs of human beings such as ears, noses, even open mouths when sleeping.

Cockroaches carry at least 33 kinds of bacteria, including E. coli and Salmonella, six parasitic worms and more than seven other types of human pathogens. E. coli and Salmonella are known to cause diarrhoea, typhoid and food poisoning.

How do I get rid of Cockroaches?

You get rid of cockroaches by maintaining a clean environment so as to prevent the environment that makes them grow and thrive. Keeping your home or office clean at all times. For example, in a home, you keep your kitchen cupboards, sinks, tables floor clean and free from dirty plates. Cockroaches feed on the leftover food on plates. Clean all food spill immediately after cooking. Store raw/ uncooked food in plastic containers. Don’t store food in nylons and sack as cockroaches can easily eat through them. In the office, get rid of piles of old newspapers as they are usually breathing ground for cockroaches. Seal cracks and gaps in walls, floor, or openings which lead to dark areas. Seal gaps under your doors, around pipes or close to any plumbing work in a kitchen or bathroom.

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Always check your bag or your child’s bag as it is possible they bring cockroaches back home. Periodic fumigation from a pest control professional can help to eradicate and prevent cockroach infestation in your home or office.


The following traditional methods are still applicable in eradicating cockroaches

Smack with a broom.

Squash with shoes and slippers.


Boil in hot water.

Spray with an insecticide.

Kill with a gun 

or better still contact 


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