He didn’t Pay Bride Price, Only traditional marriage and church wedding –Mother of woman who left her husband to marry their pastor speaks

Mother of woman who left her husband to marry Pastor Moses Adeeyo speaks

Tina Adeeyo’s mother, Christiana Everest, has spoken out about her daughter’s recent marriage to Pastor , the World Bank Assembly’s General Overseer.


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She explained that despite having a traditional marriage and church wedding, her daughter’s first husband, Bright Ben, did not pay the bride price when he married her daughter 12 years ago.


She stated, ” “He gave people their rights, both men and women, but when the parents asked him to come to see us, he said he would see us later. There was no fee for the bride. That is the most important factor in determining whether or not a woman will be a good wife to a man.”

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She claimed the problem began just two weeks after her daughter married Bright in a white wedding gown.


Tina allegedly took 50 Naira from her then-pocket husband’s to buy soap for their clothes, and when Bright returned home and Tina told him she had taken money from his pocket, he allegedly called her a “thief”


She claimed that the issues in the marriage persisted after that.


She claimed that after her daughter gave birth to their first child and she went to see Omugwo, Bright and his mother kicked her out, preventing her from being there for Tina, who had just been put to bed.


Christiana claims that her daughter came home months after she was sent out, complaining that Bright had threatened to kill her and use 2 million Naira to silence her family.


Christiana also claimed that she soon learned that Bright had previously married a woman from Abia State, who died 6 months later, raising her concerns for her daughter, Tina.


She claimed that her daughter had returned home several times since then, complaining of her husband’s abuse, but Bright had always returned to beg forgiveness.


She claimed that Bright not only abused his wife, Tina but also terrorised Tina’s siblings, including herself, Tina’s mother-in-law.


Bright, she added, would take whatever money Tina has rather than give it to his wife.


Mrs Christiana addressed her daughter by her new husband’s name, “Tina Adeeyo” during her speech.


Pastor and Tina Adeeyo married on August 8, 2021. Bright Ben took to Facebook just hours after their wedding to announce that Tina is still his wife and that the Pastor had taken her away from him.


Elizabeth Okonkwo, Tina’s younger sister, weighed in after Bright accused his wife of leaving him for the pastor.


She warned Bright Ben that if he didn’t take down his post, she would reveal all of the “evil” he had done to her sister to the rest of the world.


On Facebook, Elizabeth Okonkwo wrote: “Congratulations, big sis; the trials and tribulations are over. Thank you, Lord. Otherwise, the world will hear about all the evil you’ve done to our sister nonsense if you don’t delete this post.”


In the video below, Tina’s mother speaks about her daughter.

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