Happy Children Day to men who still report their wives to their mothers’- Comedian Helen Paul

Comedian Helen Paul

, a popular Nigerian comedian, has wished a special Happy Children’s Day to a group of men, joining the rest of the work to celebrate today, May 27.

Helen wished a happy Children’s Day to men who still report their wives to their mothers.

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“To all the men who report their wives to their mothers on a regular basis.” She wished everyone a happy Children’s Day.

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Helen Paul had asked a question about virginity on her verified Instagram page in an earlier post.

The mother of three is looking for answers to the problems she’s having with her virginity.

“Is virginity still pride or stinginess at 39?” Oh, remember Menopause. Let’s talk about it. “My friend is in desperate need of a response,” she wrote on Instagram.

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This has elicited a variety of responses from her fans, who continue to express their differing viewpoints.

“Virginity at 39 is a sign of being possessed by manipulative witchcraft,” Sopeinasore wrote.

“It is a choice,” Dorcas.owoade wrote. I’m 23 years old and still a virgin. I’ll continue to be like that for a few more years. Because I’m not planning on getting married anytime soon.”

“Virgin at 39, people are shouting because we don’t read and understand the bible,” Keneyin wrote. Fornication is a sin in the eyes of God and even man, but Una has decided to leave it out. Don’t be fooled by the fact that menopause can occur at any age. I know someone who married before the age of 30, and when she went through menopause, her husband was unaware. After three years, the marriage fell apart when the husband discovered that Wify does not menstruate on a monthly basis. “Sin has blinded us completely.”

“Dr., I wouldn’t totally subscribe it to pride or stinginess but rather just wanting to do what is right and not succumbing to societal pressure,” Joel wrote on Instagram. What if the suitors don’t show up as expected, and the ladies or even the guys in question shakara? What if there are personal issues that need to be addressed in order to keep the marriage on track? Then, of course, we must not ignore the challenges of marital settlement, particularly in a continent like Africa; I’m sure you understand what I’m talking about. So, while being a virgin at this age isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I would advise the affected party to make a conscious effort to settle down and let God lead the way.”



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