School Proprietor Who Killed 5-Year-Old Hanifa Abubakar Narrates Why He Did it (Video)

Kano proprietor kills 5-year-old pupil after collecting the ransom  

Kano Death:  Tanko dismissed claims that he killed Hanifa for ritual purposes while seeking forgiveness.

Abdulmalik Tanko, the owner of Noble Kids Nursery and Primary School in Kawana, Kano, has asked her parents for forgiveness after confessing to killing and burying 5-year-old .

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On Friday, January 21, Tanko was paraded in front of the press. He confessed to putting N100 worth of rat poison in a drink he gave Hanifa and then watching her die while being paraded. He then buried her within his school grounds.

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Tanko refuted claims that he killed Hanifa for ritual purposes in his confessional video. He claims he buried her on the grounds of his school because he couldn’t find another safe place to bury her.Hanifa Abubakar

He claimed that he kidnapped Hanifa and demanded a ransom from her parents because he was in financial trouble.

“All I want to do is pleading with the parents.” I apologise profusely for what I did to them. I am deeply sorry for killing their daughter. This is a life, and a life is priceless”.

: Below is a video of him confessing;




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