Gunmen raze residence of Abia Police Division PCRC chairman


Armed arsonists numbering in the dozens have reportedly attacked and set fire to the property of Chief Amanna Nwaogu, chairman of the Police Community Relations Committee (PCRC) for the Osisioma Police Division.

According to reports, the attack on Nwaogu’s rural home sparked tensions in Abayi Ogbuligba, an Amaitolu Autonomous community in Abia State’s Osisioma Ngwa local area.

Chief Nwaogu, their primary target, was believed to have evaded the attackers, who were described as being in their twenties and thirties.

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According to reports, the gun-welding arsonists invaded the residence about 12:34am and operated until 3:47am with the purpose of apprehending, killing, and dismembering him.

It was discovered that when they were unable to apprehend him and believed he was hiding someplace in the house, they set fire to his house with the purpose of destroying him with the property.

Apart from setting fire to his house, the arsonists, who were holding his family at gunpoint, also set fire to Nwaogu’s SUV, which was parked in the compound.

Though no one in the family was injured, the arsonists were alleged to have waited until the building was entirely consumed by flames.

Nwaogu, who is also the coordinator of all vigilante groups in Osisioma Local Area, told The Nation over the phone that the attackers broke into his house through the back door after breaking the iron door with an axe.

He claimed to have lost multiple sums of money and property in the attack, pleading for Governor Okezie Ikpeazu and other public-spirited individuals to come to the family’s rescue.

He recalled the occurrence as follows: “I heard a bang on my door about 12:34 a.m., and that bang awoke us from our sleep. They later broke into my house by smashing the iron door with an axe.

“They searched the entire home for me and when they couldn’t find me after an hour, they brought out other family members and set fire to the entire structure, including my car and a beautiful new tricycle parked in the courtyard.

“Four of them pointed their weapons at my children and wife, preventing them from coming to my assistance.

“They stayed behind to ensure that nothing was rescued from the premises, including me.

“In addition to the structure, they set fire to my Jeep and a brand new trike that were parked in the compound.

“They arrived at 12:34 a.m. and left at 3:17 a.m., believing they had fulfilled their objectives.

“The assailants took everything. They took off with my phone and whatever other items they could find.

“When they left, one of my brothers rushed to the scene and summoned the RRS (Rapid Response Squad), who came and escorted me away from the location where I had fled for safety while my house was under siege.

“They alleged, according to my wife, that I provided police with information about them, which is false.

“The gunmen were dressed in black and wore red hats. While they were departing, they informed my wife that I work for the Nigerian Police and other security agencies.

“That after I am reduced to ashes, I will refuse to work with the police in my next world.

“God knows I have never used my position as chairman of PCRC or coordinator of the Vigilante group against anyone.

” Rather than that, I have worked to maintain a cordial connection between Osisioma Ngwa villages and security forces, and I can assure you that the reason I did not perish is because I have never used my position against anyone; my hands are clean. They want to ensure that I perish along with the house.

“I am currently homeless due to the loss of our home and property. Apart from the clothes my family and I slept in, nothing else came out of that house since they (arsonists) ensured that everything and every room was completely destroyed.

“The loss is great, and the pain is unbearable for me and my family.

“We are without a roof over our heads.” We are pleading with and appealing to well-intentioned Osisioma sons and daughters, as well as other passionate persons, to come to our rescue.”



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