Gumi Sends Strong Message To Federal Government


Islamic Preacher, Gumi Sends Strong Message To Federal Government

Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, a controversial Islamic preacher and cleric, has charged that the federal government is mishandling the fight against insurgency.

According to Gumi, the latest reports from newsmen regarding the insurgency in Zamfara State,  have revealed the racial and tribal undertones as the true source of the decade mayhem the North Western area is currently experiencing as a whole.

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Gumi, who cautioned the next President to be aware of dishonest clerics, warned that if the next President follows the same trend and believes that the current administration is simply treating criminals with kid gloves, then a more serious insurgency will undoubtedly follow.

He stated:

The insurgency in Zamfara State has been the subject of recent newsmen, which have shown its ethnic and tribal roots as the true source of the decade-long mayhem the North Western region is currently going through.

“The crimes were done by both sides of the split, but sadly, the outside world only perceives one side as a criminal, therefore the government behaved in such a manner, escalating the conflict and using the incorrect strategies for resolving community disputes.

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“A stronger insurrection will undoubtedly occur if the future President adopts the same stance, believing that the current administration merely treated criminals with kid gloves. The battle against Boko Haram in the North East has lasted almost 12 years, and their commander was only murdered in a clash between factions, not by our military intervention.

And now, happily, a lot of BH are turning themselves in as a result of the sincere efforts of healing and rehabilitation made by the federal and state administrations, as shown by deeds, not words.

Sadly, some people find this annoying, especially the privileged who perceive it as cajoling criminals. Anything less than total annihilation of them is unacceptable to them.

The future president should be smart and have the backing of wise persons, not a ‘garagara’ with an impetuous nature who seeks the approval of sentimental citizens.

He needs to move swiftly and cautiously. He must focus his attention and energies inward rather than externally.

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I am aware that many of our issues are related to foreign affairs, but local issues must be addressed locally.

The President must exercise caution around dishonest clerics. Similar to mosquitoes, they feed on every system without offering any values other than to further polarize the country along religious lines.

I can’t see a country dealing with insurgencies left, right, and center and the clergy just folding their arms without trying to mediate a settlement. Instead, they are actively promoting religious division.

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