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Military Seizes Power in Guinea, President detained  

Guinea’s president has been detained, according to the head of the West African country’s special forces in a video released Sunday, adding to the country’s long history of military coups.


Following hours of gunfire in the capital, Conakry, and warnings to stay indoors, Col. Mamady Doumbouya said President had been apprehended.

The military has taken control of Guinea, dissolved its , and sealed the country’s borders, according to Doumbouya, citing “civil rights violations” and “disregard for democratic principles” as motivations.

Military officers, wearing Guinea’s red, green, and yellow flags on their shoulders, repeated the takeover claim on national television, adding that they planned to form a transition .

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Condé, 83, was elected in the country’s first democratic election since its independence from France in 1958, 11 years ago. He promised to lead the country of 13 million people out of a corruption culture that had shaped decades of authoritarian rule.


Condé, on the other hand, sparked deadly riots last fall when he sought a third term in defiance of Guinea’s constitution, according to critics. He claimed that constitutional changes had reset the clock on the number of terms he could serve.

Photos and videos circulating on WhatsApp on Sunday showed the president flanked by men dressed in military fatigues. Condé, dressed in jeans and a tie-dye dress shirt, remained silent and turned away from the camera.


According to local media, several soldiers and the president’s bodyguards died in the clashes.

People cheered as trucks carrying troops rumbled down the streets by midday, according to video footage from Conakry. Some onlookers exclaimed, “Bravo!” “Bravo! It’s finished!”

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The location of the troops holding Condé was unknown. His office issued no statements, and officials from the government did not respond to requests for comment.

Guinea’s upheaval comes three months after military officials in neighbouring Mali staged their second coup in less than a year.

Power struggle roils Guinea ; soldiers say on TV they have taken over

Soldiers who staged an uprising in Guinea’s capital on Sunday said they had dissolved the country’s constitution and government in a short broadcast on state television.

The defence ministry, on the other hand, stated that a mutinous force attack on the presidential palace had been repulsed.

On Sunday morning, heavy gunfire erupted near the presidential palace in Conakry, with several sources claiming that the unrest was caused by an elite national army unit led by Mamady Doumbouya, a former French legionnaire.

An unidentified soldier, surrounded by eight other armed soldiers and draped in Guinea’s national flag, said in the broadcast that they planned to form a transitional government and would provide more details later.

The soldier spoke after videos circulated on social media that showed President Alpha Conde surrounded in a room by army special forces, which Reuters could not verify.

The attempted insurgency, according to the defence ministry, has been defeated.

“The presidential guard, supported by the loyalist and republican defence and security forces, contained the threat and repelled the group of assailants,” the statement said.

“Security and combing operations are continuing to restore order and peace.”

Earlier, videos circulated on social media showing military vehicles patrolling Conkary’s streets, and one military source claimed that the only bridge connecting the mainland to the Kaloum neighbourhood, which houses the palace and most government ministries, had been closed.

The palace was surrounded by a large number of soldiers, some of whom were heavily armed, according to the source.

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