Guaranty Trust Bank is a fraud, Mohammed Abdulhafeez cries out


Below is a story shared by one Mr. on how he went through hell to recover his money but was unable to.

My name is Mohammed Abdulhafeez and I’ll be happy if this can be rewrite and post for people to read.

Around 12:01 pm 05 march 2018 I visited Skye bank ATM at bida with my Gt bank ATM card to withdraw I was debited without getting the value, I have to wait for 24hrs it was not returned I started calling gtconnect with over 1500 airtime they refused to pick up the phone, I had to traveled down to Minna from bida because there is no gtbank in Bida, I filled the necessary form and I was told to go that it will be returned.

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After two weeks I went back I lay the same complain I was told Skye Bank has not reply them that I shouldn’t worry I should go I’ll get my money back. After getting back to bida I went straight to Skye Bank and tell them about the development because I’ve told them about it right from day 1, the manager told me that, that is between me and my bank that he is very sure his bank would have settled that with my bank.

After a long time my bank emailed me that Skye Bank said value was gotten which I insist it was not gotten. I went back to Skye Bank I was still told my bank knows what to do.

This time I went to the northern regional headquarter in Abuja to complain after almost two months of complaining nothing was done. I requested for the ATM camera footage so that we will both watch and see that value was not gotten. My stupid bank refused to do anything on it as it was 2 days ago I was told that Skye bank said they won’t give camera footage since it is a dispense error.

Now my bank is telling me to forget about the money after which I have spent over 15,000 Naira to get the money back. I’ll want all of us to fight this injustice together. I was even denied the opportunity to talk to the manager of the bank only to be threatened with securities.

Please I need your help.

is a fraud. Thank you in anticipation.

If the above story shared by Mohammed Abdulhafeez is true then, we must stop this injustice by sharing to our various groups and Social Media platform.


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