Shock as Groom Slaps His Bride at Their Wedding Reception. Check Out What Happened

Shock as Groom Slaps His Bride at Their Wedding Reception. Check Out What Happened
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Lady expresses shock after seeing a groom slap his bride at their wedding reception.

A Twitter user described how surprised she was after seeing a groom slap his bride during their wedding reception.

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The incident was witnessed by the groom and bride’s parents, as well as other family members, according to @MmantiUmoh, who acknowledged that one should not owe violent people affection. She admitted that it made her reluctant to attend weddings for a long time.

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The person on Twitter wrote:

The groom slapped the bride so hard at the reception today that I thought a helium balloon had exploded. While we were recovering from the shock, “Angel” said, “Just let’s march in **** is exhausted and under a lot of pressure, let’s please just go in and start the reception, everyone is waiting.”

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You owe violent people nothing more than to see and value their dignity in ways that they refuse to do with others. However, you are not obligated to tolerate their anger. You never owe love to violent people. This isn’t passion.

It’s also worth noting that even the best man inquired of angel, “What did you do to him, why is he so upset?” The mc announced the event, the music blared, and everyone marched in as though nothing had happened. From the entrance to the podium, a couple danced. Domestic abuse begins to repeat itself.

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Please don’t inquire as to what I did. Nothing was done by me! Their parents were present during the slapping ceremony, as were some of their family members. I returned home. I was suffering from a migraine. For a while, I don’t want to go to any more weddings. I’ll send my present.

For those who keep on staying with abusive spouses at home. I’m sure God isn’t happy when a marriage ends, but do you believe God is okay with you being abused and living without love? Do you think it’s possible that God despises it even more?

Shock as Groom Slaps His Bride at Their Wedding Reception. Check Out What Happened

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