Olorogun Great Ogboru
Olorogun Great Ogboru

By Ben Ojohwo

Is Ogboru desperate ? Yes

Why is he desperate? Because he wants to WIN.

Now if I will continue, I’d like to ask further. Are you in APC to WIN?
Yes. Why not Support Ogboru today?

So many rancour from internal on the person of for hijacking the Party structure but the question lies in our hands.
Every Politician who desire to win will be absolutely desperate to hijack the structure that will favour him/her and we have seen that in the person of Chief Great Ogboru in the last Congress.

GREAT OGBORU Deserves automatic ticket

Though the party have been built to a certain level before his entrance to this wonderful APC but no doubt his presence added more values to the APC(don’t argue it) and he has further proved it in the just concluded Congresses that he is out to WIN and not to paint the colour of APC with a weak broom that cannot sweep as some of us may have tag him.

Why we are desperate to sue Ogboru

In this upcoming general election, Ogboru is a man to beat but this can only be achieved by collective efforts. U join, I join, WE join and victory is here come 2019. Let show love to one another and allow peace reign for the greater challenge ahead of us all which is the common enemy (PDP).

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