Know How? Health Benefits , Side Effects of Drinking Garri

Benefit of Garri

“Garri is a good food and even has more nutritional benefits than eating rice. Soups made with palm oils and vegetables are the best to use with Garri”.

“Soaking and drinking Garri may not give you the balanced diet that you require, so therefore, it is not advisable to drink Garri alone”.

Soaking of Garri in water isn’t a ample meal and an excessive amount of this may have a well being impact in your imaginative and prescient. Garri is greatest taken within the busy hour of the day like within the afternoon to replenish misplaced power and to permit burning extra power.

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Diabetes victims ought to keep away from taking Garri as a result of it’s a wealthy source of sugar for the physique, but when they nonetheless need to, they need to simply cut back the amount of Garri they eat.

Drinking Garri throughout being pregnant can also be frowned upon.


Below are the well being results of Garri:

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In West Africa, most particularly Nigeria, one very indispensable meals is garri. The meals which is derived from cassava tubers is regionally known as “Garri” by many Nigerian tribes and is pronounced as ‘garry’. Other names that it’s known as are ‘African or cassava flakes, Garri, garry, or gali’.


There are many well being advantages of cassava Garri, and there are additionally results of Garri on well being. The English identify of Garri is at all times known as “Cassava flakes



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