Obaseki, Edo State Governor Makes Shocking Revelation About 2023 Elections

Godwin Obaseki
Godwin Obaseki- Edo State Governor

Nigerians Are Angry, Fed Up, May Shock PDP, APC, Others In 2023– Obaseki

Ejes Gist Newspaper reports that the weak leadership and ineffectiveness of government have prompted Edo State Governor Godwin Obaseki to warn lawmakers and the main political parties that surprises from the voters in the general election of 2023 are to be expected.

The governor said on Tuesday that Nigerians are frustrated and angry with all levels of government.

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He foresaw that in the upcoming elections in 2023, voters would surprise candidates and political parties.

If nothing is done to alter the narrative, Nigerians will reject government officials and other representatives because of their inefficiency and shortcomings, according to Obaseki.

No political party today can puff itself up and declare that it will win or have a resounding triumph in the nation’s upcoming elections.

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“People are looking, and the only reason someone would go from their home to a voting booth is if they had a good reason to vote for or against anything. They are unlikely to vote on election day if they have not benefited.

He said that voters are prepared to surprise political parties and that they are closely monitoring the political climate in the nation.

Political figures must take action to ease Nigerians’ suffering- Godwin Obaseki, the Edo state Governor

“If we ignore the changes that are coming and think that things are still the same, we would be hurting ourselves as a government and as representatives of our people,” Obaseki continued.

As we start to realise, we will all be astonished. People are starting to understand that they need to demand more from those in charge of their commonwealth, resources, and government; they will cast ballots based on their preferences or interests.

We in Edo State are fortunate in that we were able to foresee it, lay out a plan, and prepare for it. However, a lot of people do not accept this, believing that there is still time and that things will proceed as usual.

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