Governor Obaseki Dumps PDP For Labour Party? Here is what we know

Governor Obaseki Dumps PDP For Labour Party

Has Governor Obaseki Dumps For

Until the PDP resolves its legal issues, the INEC has refused to list any PDP candidates in Edo State for the Senate or House of Representatives.

Labour Party primary election held in Edo Government House. 

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Obaseki seems to be a good strategist, and his weakness—his ego—might just be his strength

I do agree with their assertions that politics is unique, filthy, capital-intensive, contentious, and filled with a variety of other vile appendages, but isn’t this also true of other professions? The same is clear in our social circles, educational institutions, religious institutions, and even individual families.

It can be difficult for siblings to transport different musicians to the same location for the funeral festivities when a family holds a simple funeral. The small family is split up after this BIG man’s death because he never had separate stages when he was alive if he wanted to celebrate his birthday.

The African man exercises his muscles with his relatives even during family events, so how much more so in politics where everyone has a different ancestry? We are the same as long as we have the same African pride, ego, and blood coursing through our politics or any other career in Nigeria.

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I’ve always thought of Godwin Obaseki as an oracle who deserves to be worshipped because of his political cunning and consistent DIVINE support from spiritual deities.

Killing an ant with a sledge hammer or an AK-47 riggle is analogous to Obaseki’s situation. He and his rivals have a long history of unpleasant conflicts.

Obaseki was unconcerned about the potential collateral damage he might cause to numerous people depending on the existence of his opponents in each of these encounters. Obaseki is cruel in battle, and all signs point to him caring less about the inevitable outcome, which is always fatal.

Even I don’t want to disagree with the governor; in Bside Slang, we go with “Obaseki Get As He Take Dey.” No lie, you must exercise caution when fighting Obaseki.

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No matter how minor the conflict may be, Obaseki always fights to the bitter end and makes sure to take out his adversary. Depending on your viewpoint, this behaviour may be seen as either terrible or positive.

Everyone is aware of how, after the shut their doors to his reelection campaign, Obaseki switched over to the PDP and was granted all privileges while ousting other politicians who wanted to run on the party’s platform.

Until the PDP resolves its legal issues, the INEC has refused to list any PDP candidates in Edo State for the Senate or House of Representatives.

With this most recent initiative, Obaseki has displayed his superior leadership, and if it is successful, you can bet that the governor will have been able to deal with every instance of antiquated political structure he encountered in Edo State politics. He was successful in turning the APC into the state’s opposition party today.

Now that the PDP may finish as the state’s second-place opposition party, is there any way to find humour in this situation? Make una afraid of Obaseki, in my opinion, as he is a ruthless politician. If the PDP does not put forth a candidate, Obaseki will have been successful in forcing out a number of party leaders from both factions.

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If this INEC decision is upheld, take a look at the list of PDP candidates for the Edo South senatorial seat and who Obaseki would depose. from those who purchased forms and ran in the elections to the two NASS incumbents.

With this prank, all candidates for the House of Assembly from both factions would have dove into the LAGOON.

See, the collateral damage is substantial and, again, depending on your perspective, either regrettable or admirable.

The game becomes more interesting now that Obaseki has instructed his 11 reserve players to join the Labour Party, and they have won tickets for the same positions that INEC has barred the PDP from running for.

According to reports, INEC was fully in charge of the primaries, which were held in the Government House. This drama is typical of a James Bond picture.

Therefore, the PDP won’t field candidates if Obaseki loses in the party. As a result of Obaseki’s decision to join the Labour Party, the LP eventually overtook the APC as the dominant force in Edo State, with the PDP attempting to overtake both the LP and APC.

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Obaseki would once more throw open the doors and appoint a large number of LP party members as SAs and SSAs. Additionally, he would hold elections for local government councils, which the LP would easily win.

The multiplier effect would result in over 70 thousand new converts to LP with over 4000 aids, local government chairman and councillors. At least five members of each SA or SSA’s family would be persuaded to support the Governor and his new party as a result of their appointment.

The “Obidient Movement” has already caused a stir in Edo State, and if Obaseki joins the Labour Party, he could win a sizable number of seats in the House of Assembly and National Assembly; keep in mind that the PDP is no longer in the running.

These supporters of the Labour Party would vote en masse for Obaseki’s candidates without the Labour Party investing a lot of funds—you know, say dem no dey SPEND SHISHI.

Obaseki seems to be a good strategist, and his weakness—his ego—might just be his strength. He relentlessly pursues his adversaries’ jugulars; you should ignore him at your peril.

Be aware that Obaseki would join the LP as the party’s Alpha and Omega in the South South region, which would undoubtedly boost his popularity in the coming months. However, what will happen after the general elections in 2023?

Anyway, I hope the PDP prevails in this pointless battle because it would not be in Edo State’s best interests to have all of its star players benched due to unimportant political squabbles.

Bush Radio Academy’s chairman and CEO, Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah, writes from Abuja.

At the time of this publication, Godwin Obaseki has not officially dumped the PDP for the Labour Party, but Labor Party primaries were held in Edo state government house under his supervision.


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