Read What Governor Kayode Fayemi Tell Nigerian Youths to do to APC in 2023

Kayode Fayemi Governor of Ekiti State
Governor of Ekiti State, Kayode Fayemi

has urged youths to vote out the APC in 2023 rather than flee the country for a better life abroad.

On Saturday, he said this on “The Platform.”
“Don’t be discouraged; there is much to be thankful for in this world. There’s a lot to irritate you with, a lot to make you want to give up and get the visa to go to Canada.”

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Governor Kayode Fayemi said, “I understand that Canada is a popular tourist destination, but do you know what? In Canada, there is even a glass ceiling.

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When you reach the top, you’ll notice that there’s a glass ceiling there. Let us work together to make this place a better place where there is no glass ceiling.

“Even if you’re looking for a democratic regime change, there’s only one thing you can do for a democratic regime change: work for it.

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“If you don’t like what the APC is doing, another Election will be held. Stop agonising and start organising against the party.

Join forces with those who are organising, then boot the APC out of office and replace them with people who you believe can do a great job without causing chaos,” he said.

“Unlike what we struggled against during the military dictatorship, the room is now more liberalised. I’m not referring to the Twitter uprising. Many young Nigerians are cosying up to governors and criticising ministers on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

“Go to the wards, go to the neighbourhoods, and question what they’re doing. He said, “Keep them responsible.”

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  1. Oga Fayemi, ƴou’re now talking like one who does not know how rusticated this country Is yet, go to which ward, this people you see have no voice anywhere, their voices have been forcefully taken away from them, say anything againg them in the ward and your life Is taken away from you, oga social media you see Is the only place they can vent their frustration dhielding themselves. Moreso, Is it just the apc, in every place, party or religion, there are good and bad people problem is, the bad has so build teritories for themselves that the good cannot step on, in this country. We meeeeeuv!


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