Gov Makinde will not sleep any longer, MURIC issues stern warning

Seyi Makinde

Governor Makinde will no longer sleep , Islamic group.

Seyi Makinde, governor of Oyo State, has been promised a night of insomnia by Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC).

This comes after the governor’s yesterday announced plan to hand back control of schools to missionaries.

The stern warning was contained in a press statement issued by the director of MURIC.

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“Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State yesterday announced his plan to return missionaries to public schools. This news is something we take with a grain of salt.

It strikes beneath the belt. It is capricious, a breach of trust, and a very provocative action. The action is incredibly foolish, audacious, and insensitive, coming at a time when the struggle for Muslim liberation is at its height. Better not be the case. Makinde should abandon that idea.

“The governor is portraying himself in line with the Christian Association of Nigeria’s script” (CAN). It won’t work. These institutions belong to us all.  After the government spent billions of Oyo State taxpayers’ dollars on expanding, renovating, buying equipment and maintaining the infrastructure, paying teachers’ salaries, etc. for more than 50 years, he cannot just hand them out.

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“By claiming that the schools are owned by missionaries, the goal is to keep Muslim children from attending public schools. Neo-imperialists like these use any means necessary to maintain their relevance, dominance, and power.

“However, the so-called missionary schools were constructed on property that belonged to our Muslim ancestors, who were tricked by the Christian colonialists into receiving the land “gratis” in the majority of cases.

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In addition to the free land, our Muslim ancestors contributed taxes to the colonialists’ coffers in order to construct the schools. Nobody should make an effort to deceive us. The colonial government and the missionaries are like six and a half dozen different things. Paul was paid by robbing Peter. The colonialists gave the missionaries the money we had worked so hard for.

When the colonists gave the schools missionary names after finishing the buildings, it was the greatest of all betrayals. Furthermore, they rejected Muslim children who refused to change their names to Christian ones, biting the hand that fed them in the process.


The majority of Muslims were forced to give up. As a result, Abdul Rasheed changed into Richard, Yusuf into Joseph, Ishaq into Isaac, and Maryam into Mary.
Anyone who has followed the administration of Makinde will be aware that his sole goal upon taking office was to subject the Muslims of Oyo State to the whims and caprices of CAN. The Muslims of Oyo State, however, will fight back against this using all legal means at their disposal.

“There must be repercussions for reckless and irresponsible leadership. Peaceful demonstrations and protests will take place up until Makinde reverses his decision. Young Muslim people in the state see Makinde’s plan to give schools back to missionaries as an act of hostility.

The Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria (MSSN) has already launched the opening salvo. Makinde made a bad calculation. He believes that the Oyo State Muslim community is under the control of his extremely few contract-seeking Muslim business partners. He’ll soon discover the reality.


“Makinde has a habit of stealing from Muslims what is rightfully theirs.” He nevertheless wants Muslims in the state to continue working with his government.
He fools a tiny minority of Muslim dealers with his divide et impera while ignoring the real Muslim leaders, living in self-delusion. With this badly timed announcement, he has betrayed the few Muslim dealers with stomach infrastructure who have always said they need to be close to the governor.

“Makinde’s future will soon become clear.” Muslims will give him a lesson in electoral politics. We anticipate that the governors of Oyo will learn from what transpired with Bola Ige in 1983. Nobody in Oyo State who tampers with Muslim interests gets away with it.

“Makinde began by making fun of the Hijrah holiday that his Muslim predecessor, the former governor Ajimobi, had given us.” Additionally, he has yet to issue any circulars regarding the hijab.

For three good years, he was marooned with his Muslim deputy governor, who was eventually removed and replaced by a Muslim-by-name deputy. Seyi Makinde’s anti-Muslim agenda can’t stand the idea of a true Muslim deputy governor.
We hereby give notice that the “Eleyi of Agodi” must vacate the Agodi Government House by May 29, 2023.

He will not be saved by the Muslim dealers posing as Muslim leaders and romancing our translators for contracts. Makinde’s time in the executive mansion is running out. He exterminated the sleep.From this day forward until May 29, 2023, Makinde will not sleep. We suggest that he begin packing his backpack with his most important belongings today.

“MURIC urges Oyo State’s Muslims to own their possessions.” All of us will stand before Allah Yawm al-Qiyamah to account for our actions on behalf of Islam and Muslims. How did we enter and depart from Muhammad’s (SAW) Ummah? Oyo Muslims must now choose between wanting freedom and slavery.

We must not allow those to rule us who do not respect and uphold our spiritual heritage. Makinde should not be permitted to remain in Agodi Government House for more than one day after May 29.


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