Ladies and gentlemen happy new year.
It gives me a great pleasure to announce to you all today the very first day of our Almighty God’s manifestation of his decision to rescue Delta State from the hands of OKOWA,the King Saul of Delta State and his pool of Political Army and thugs.

After the glory of God left SAUL,he and his Army never understood the words and actions which happened between him and Prophet SAMUEL when the garment of SAMUEL was torn.

In a fearful maner,God never described or called the name or showed through a vision to Prophet SAMUEL the real man(ANIMAL REARER OR SHEPHERD CALLED DAVID),and even made Prophet SAMUEL to unknowingly start reacting according to human wisdom but not God’s wisdom which proved that the thought of man is completely different from that of God and as a purnishment nobody sat down until after the arrival of the real God’s own selected/choosen/anointed servant DAVID led spuritually by God himself at HIS appointed time came back from the field for his people to unknowingly and divinely accept him as their King in the spirit.

This has been what our Almighty God had done in the life of HIS anointed son OLOROGUN GREAT OVEDJE OGBORU since 2003 for the Delta People after removing the glory of Isreal from the hands and lives of the Leaders and people of the PDP.

Furthermore,when it was time to reveal to the People of Isreal and the Philippians God’s plan to rescue his people from the self afflicted and ambushed slavery,it was like an insignificant child’s play and when DAVID went visiting his elder brothers who a self acclaimed trained and well read or educated fighters of that period of time,DAVID through the divine powers of God introduced God to goliath and also introduced goliath to God.Then in a surprising and fearful/miraculous way,the small Mr. Nobody called DAVID the sheep rearer used just the Name and Powers of our lord JESUS CHRIST(i.e in the complete absence of all manners of weapons of war,dangerous/powerful war lords or commanders and even thugs,money and crowd etc) not only killed goliath but also defeated all the enemies of the people of Isreal and from that very moment DAVID then became more powerful and popular in the eyes of the people of Isreal.Infact,he automatically became their hero.

Fellow Deltans,this is ironically what is already about playing out in our dear State with the People’s General(OLOROGUN GREAT OVEDJE OGBORU).

The election of this greatman has been concluded in heaven and no man born from the worm of a woman can upturn God’s divine election for on both election days(i.e PRIMARY AND NATIONAL ELECTION),some of the wicked people will see with their eyes but not be part of thise rejoicing while others will continue to say that ” THE GOD OF GREAT OVEDJE OGBORU IS A REAL GOD “.

Finally,i want to plead with every Deltans to be focus and believe God and not man in the divine project which by HIS GRACE shall be like what happened to the children of isreal when they were rescued from captivity and brought back to Jerusalem which as at then like a dream.Psalm 126.

Therefore,it is my first day prayer for all Deltans that as from today,the 1st of January,2018.,the conclusion of God’s plans and missions for Delta State with OLOROGUN GREAT OVEDJE OGBORU must start manifesting in the MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS CHRIST.


I remain your one and only,

Prince Christopher Akpojotor Agaga.


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