We Brought In Fulani Militias From Mali, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Others To Win 2015 Election — Kawu Baraje

Abubakar Kawu Baraje has linked the country’s current insecurity to an influx of Fulani from neighbouring countries such as Sierra Leone, Mali, Senegal, Niger, and Chad who were brought in for election purposes in 2015.

He said this in Ilorin as part of events commemorating his 70th birthday.

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He also backed the south west governors’ self-help initiatives, claiming that Sunday Igboho’s responses to the herdsman threat were necessary because the Federal Government failed in its primary responsibility of securing life and property.

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In response to recent moves by some governors from the ruling party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), to court former President Goodluck Jonathan, Baraje said the ruling party was wasting its time.

The Fulani men causing havoc in Nigeria, according to the former PDP chairman, who also served as the party’s national secretary and chairman of the breakaway faction of the PDP that formed the nucleus of the current ruling party, are not indigenous to Nigeria.

“We’re not asking the right question about how the same Fu­lani we’ve known for years suddenly became a threat.

“We also need to know how they got their guns,” the former party chairman said.

The Fulani men wreaking havoc in the country, according to Baraje, are not Nigerian Fulani.

“The security agencies have been tight-lipped about the nature of the issue.

“Arrests have been made. Why haven’t they revealed who the terrorists are to the general public?” Baraje inquired.

According to him, the Fu­lani who are causing security issues in the country were brought in to aid in the 2015 election victory.

“The Fu­lani have refused to leave since the election. “I and other like-minded individuals wrote and warned those with whom we founded APC that this would happen, but no one listened,” he explained.

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We Brought In Fulani Militias From Mali, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Others To Win 2015 Election — Kawu Baraje


  1. Its good to say the truth and the fact while alive, now we can know the source of our problem. Does Tinubu and Osinbajo know about this?


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