In Ogun State, suspected Fulani herdsmen have allegedly targeted commuters,

The victims said the development has confirmed rumors that in Southwest , criminal herdsmen are lurking.

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Ms. Morenikeji Salami, one of the victims of the Fulani Herdsmen attack, was attacked and left dead last week on Idofe Road in northeastern Ijebu, Ogun State.

Recounting the ordeal of Mrs. Salami, her daughter said that Ms. Salami had been ambushed on her way to her Idofe site just after she had turned toward the Quarry.

Around eight, the Fulanis surrounded her car with their cattle and shot the tires from behind. Mrs Salami, powerless, covered her face with her hands and begged for her life.

The Fulanis shot her left hand, causing her to lose her fingers and then started firing at her mouth. Her attackers, presuming she was dead, left her dead in the ocean of Eon intelligence reports of her own blood.




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