Freed Abuja-Kaduna Train Attack Passenger, Professor Mustapha Imam Makes Shocking Revelation


Government did not play any role in securing my release, It was entirely the work of my family – Professor Mustapha Imam Freed Abuja-Kaduna train attack passenger says

The Abuja-Kaduna train attack victim Professor Mustapha Imam, who was freed on Tuesday, August 2, by the terrorists, claims that the federal government had nothing to do with gaining his release from the terrorist camp.

Imam claimed in an interview with Newmen that only his family members were responsible for getting him released.

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Sadly, the government had nothing to do with getting me released. My family handled everything. I don’t know the specifics of any ransom payments.

I want to be clear that the government had nothing to do with getting me released, and because of this, I am very concerned for the folks who were left behind. Currently, there are only about 34 people left at that camp.

The oldest captive at the camp is a girl who is 90 years old, while the youngest is a baby.

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The terrorists, according to Imam, are well-organized and the government should treat them seriously. He continued by saying that the terrorists had informed them that they had informants hidden all over the place.

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He recalled how lately the terrorists had given them each N10,000 so they could buy anything they required. He assured them that the guards in the camp would use the money to help them purchase bread, milk, soft drinks, and other items.

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