Free Nigerian journalist Abiri Jones

Free Nigerian journalist Abiri Jones

Two years ago, journalist Abiri Jones was at work when his office was raided and he got arrested. He’s been in prison ever since with no trial and isolated from his lawyer and family, including his 80-year-old mother, wife and five children.

Abiri is finally going to court this Thursday 16th August so we need to act now and put pressure on the people in power who can stop him from being locked up any longer.

Please sign the petition demanding that Nigeria’s Attorney General and Minister of Justice drop all charges against Abiri Jones and release him from here

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Are you free to say what you think online? In Nigeria, journalists, bloggers and activists are being harassed and arrested. If we allow the courts to imprison innocent people on trumped up charges, this alarming trend will continue.

Let’s raise our voices and show Nigeria that this must stop. Help us release Abiri Jones and protect free speech for everyone.


Many thanks,
Esther Ikubaje, Campaigner
Amnesty International Nigeria



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