Foreigners to $200, $4000 Fines on Overstayed Visitors to Nigeria [see details]

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Federal Government has presented a fine of $200 and $4000 dollars on visitors to Nigeria who exceeded their time as allowed by their visas.

This an offer to screen developments of in Nigeria. The endorse, which relies upon the quantity of days such a foreigner exceeded in the nation, ranges from $200 (N72,000) to $4000 (N.18m), contingent upon the quantity of days such a foreigner remained in Nigeria.

A report marked by the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Interior specified “that a foreigner would be decreed to have outstayed in the nation once such surpassed 56 days”.

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“Be that as it may, the endorse does not make a difference to subjects of Economy Community of West African States (ECOWAS) who can enter Nigeria and dwell in the nation without section visas”.

” But a non-ECOWAS visitor who expects to remain in Nigeria for a period surpassing 56 days, yet not past 90 days total would be authorized with a couple of $200 or the naira identical”.

“For a non-EWCOWAS visitor who remained in Nigeria past 90 days, yet not surpassing 180 days total would be endorsed with the entirety of $1000 or its naira comparable”.

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“Any non-ECOWAS visitor who plans to remain in Nigeria or who remained for a period surpassing 180 days, however not past 365 days total in the nation would pay to the government the aggregate of $2000 or its comparable.

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“Likewise, any non-ECOWAS visitor who outstayed in the nation without approval or regularization would, what’s more pay punishment likeness $4000”.


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