First Bank’s headquarters sealed up in Abuja


The FCT High Court Enforcement Unit had sealed up Firstbank’s headquarters in Abuja’s Central Business District due to the bank’s noncompliance with a garnishee order.

One of the options available to a judgement creditor to enforce a judgement that has been rendered in his favour is a garnishee order.

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It is a typical method of recovering a judgement debt and is only applied to recover money for monetary judgments against a debtor.

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With cranes and towing vans, members of the FCT High Court Enforcement Unit stormed the bank (Coomasie) and towed some of its valuables.

Among the valuables removed were air conditioners, Hilux vans, and backup generators.

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It is a long story, but it all revolves around a garnishee order against the bank that it didn’t comply with, according to a court official who spoke to NAN on the condition of anonymity.

It was unsuccessful to speak with the unit’s leader and bank officials about the development.

In response to the development, some bank employees called it embarrassing and suggested a different course of action.

As calls and texts sent to an employee of the bank’s communications unit’s cell phone went unanswered, the bank’s headquarters in Lagos also failed to respond to the development.

Most of the bank’s clients could be seen hanging around outside in groups.


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