Finally, Okowa Plead for Forgiveness



—– The Governor of Dr. Infeanyi Okowa yesterday pleaded guilty for neglecting the riverine communities without any laudable project to mention during the campaign flag off hoisted in Burutu town of Burutu local government area. He apologized and promises that before the end of May 2018, the people will start to experience projects acceleration including the Ayakoromo Bridge. And that the people should manage with the PAs and SAs appointed to them for the now.

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The Burutu campaign flag off whose experiences the lowest turnout so far despite the huge amount of monies Okowa spent to lobby party leaders, youths and women as to over flow the arena. It was alleged that Okowa also spent millions of naira to pacify intending protest groups not to disgrace him and his government. Some of the aggrieved protesters that are not comfortable with the new development (call off protest ) vituperate that their group leaders have been hypnotized with money to call off the peaceful protest without good reasons.

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One of the foremost pdp leader in Burutu Hon. Braduce Angozi former commissioner for Agriculture allegedly boycott the flag off with the rumour that he does not want to be identified with a Failure (Okowa) who has neglected his people for too long after giving him block votes.


From all indications and comments, it is blatant that the people of Burutu have avowed no going back! No mercy! No forgiveness! And that Okowa cannot deceive them again for the second time. The political #1B voted for Ayakoromo Bridge that cannot even buy pillars and the PAs, SAs will not sway the people’s mind to throw away their votes they exclaimed.



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