Fhi 360 Nigeria Salary ( how much does fhi 360 pay ? )

fhi 360 salary nairaland

( how much does fhi 360 pay ? )

With a rigorous, evidence-based approach, FHI 360 is a global development organisation.

Experts in health, nutrition, education, economic development, civil society, the environment and research are among their professional staff. With 4,400 employees in the United States and countries around the world, FHI 360 operates from 60 offices.

FHI 360 is committed to partnerships at all levels and its multidisciplinary approach allows them to have a lasting impact on the people, communities and nations served by the company, improving lives for millions.

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Companies most often do not disclose their employees’ wage structure/remuneration; this has led to an estimation of what the company is paying its employees.

Entry Level Employees earn less than other experienced and old employees; however, promotions and experience are expected to increase the amount paid to entry level employees.

In Nigeria, the current minimum wage, applicable as of 2011, is 18,000 Naira per month, excluding any deductions.

The data on this page is subject to change and the figures shown here are estimates only and not 100% accurate. Net total amounts with tax deductions are the figures stated here.

  • Most multinational firms pay according to global standards and are among Nigeria’s highest paying firms.
  • Sometimes, low-paying businesses reinforce their staff pay with allowances.

The salary paid to interns and trainees is lower than the amount paid to workers at the entry level.

The list of FHI 360 Salary per year is as follows:

  1. Senior Program Officer – 70,928 dollars
  2. Program Officer – 49,784 dollars
  3. Administrative Assistant – 40,963 dollars
  4. Project Director – 105,186 dollars
  5. Project Manager – 81,497 dollars
  6. Program Associate – 38,000 dollars
  7. Chief Information Security Officer – 141,000 dollars
  8. Senior Finance Manager – 85,000 dollars
  9. Communications Officer – 77,000 dollars
  10. Technology Officer – 75,000 dollars
  11. Budget Manager – 74,000 dollars
  12. Senior Executive Consultant – 71,000 dollars
  13. Technical Support Analyst – 64,000 dollars
  14. Technical Training Assistant – 61,000 dollars
  15. English Specialist – 60,000 dollars
  16. Financial Manager – 56,000 dollars
  17. Program Manager – 51,000 dollars
  18. Executive Assistant – 50,000 dollars
  19. Senior Program Associate – 50,000 dollars
  20. Technical Officer – 50,000 dollars
  21. Pricing Analyst – 41,000 dollars
  22. Administrative Assistant to the CFO – 35,000 dollars
  23. Physician – 195,936 dollars
  24. Project Assistant – 28,000 dollars
  25. Financial Associate – 35,000 dollars

What are the basic Benefits Of Working with  Fhi 360 Organization ? 

FHI 360 is an organisation that acknowledges that their employees’ energy, passion and experience are what make their business possible.

Therefore, through a competitive benefit package designed to improve the daily lives of employees and their families, the company demonstrates its dedication to each member of its global team.

Below is a summary of the different benefits provided to eligible employees by FHI 360:

What are the Core Benefits as Staff in FHI 360? 

THE Core Benefits of working in FHI 360 are

  • Dental Insurance for staff
  • Comprehensive Medical Plans (PPOs)
  • Staff  Group Life and AD&D Insurance
  • Staff Vision Coverage
  • Staff Health Savings Account
  • Staff  Long-term disability
  • Medical and dependent care flexible spending accounts (FSAs)
  • Family  Dependent Life Insurance
  • Business Travel Insurance
  • Supplemental Personal Accident Insurance
  • Staff Supplemental disability
  • Life Insurance for all Staff
  • Paid Vacation, Sick and Parental Leave
  • Retirement Plan for all employees
  • Pension Plan for all employees

What are the Other Benefits?   (This benefits Depends on Work Location)

There is  Public Transportation Program

employees have access to On-site fitness centre

staff are entitled to Local credit union membership

Workers are entitled Health and Wellness Program

Employee Assistance Program

f. Qualified tuition programs (529 plans)

g. Bicycle Subsidy

h. Legal assistance plans

i. Pet Insurance

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How To Get A Job In FHI 360

Method of Application:

FHI 360   Recruitment process is  through his official portal.

Interested and qualified candidates should click: Here to See Latest NGO Jobs  in Nigeria at FHI 360

Fhi 360 Nigeria Salary ( how much does fhi 360 pay ? )



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