FG Speaks On Payment Date For October And November Stipends

NASIMS Speaks On Commencement Of October's Npower Batch C Payment  

NPower NewsFG has given an update on the payment date for October & November Npower stipends.

  • Read  Npower payment update today.

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Ejes Gist News can authoritatively report that Nasims has given updates regarding October and November Npower batch C Payment.


Npower News Today:  FG tells unpaid Npower beneficiaries what to do to get paid

The Npower payment management has stated that they are unable to provide an exact payment start date for the October and November stipends as requested by beneficiaries but payment will commence soon.

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The attention of NASIMS Npower payment management has been drawn to repeated Enquiries from Batch C Beneficiaries about the start of payment for the OCTOBER and NOVEMBER stipends, and our clarity has erred on the side of misunderstanding, according to NASIMS Npower payment management.


To be clear, after your account is validated, we forward your information to the CBN, which distributes stipends to financial institutions (Banks).

For the time being, we are unable to provide an exact start date for the payment of OCTOBER and NOVEMBER stipends; however, we can assure you that you will be paid soon. Nasims remarked.

Nasims had previously warned Npower batch C stream, 2 applicants, to ignore false information circulating online claiming that they would be required to pay N4500

The message reads ;


Our attention has been drawn to repetitive enquiries from Batch C Beneficiaries regarding payment commencement of OCTOBER and NOVEMBER stipends, and our clarity verged on the misconception.

As a matter of clarity, payment procedure takes time after your account is validated, we then forward your details to CBN, CBN disburse stipends to financial institutions (Banks)

For now we can’t tell the exact commencement date for payment of OCTOBER and NOVEMBER stipends, But we do know, you will be paid anytime soon.

Thank you!

Read details in the latest Npower News Today, Tuesday, November 30th, 2021 


  1. Please Everytime soon, soon, and our PPA centre are distracting us for duty,
    After once payment nothing is happening.
    Always so soon so soon, why Nasim?
    Christmas has finally come!
    How can we do,
    Nasim do something!.
    Those with problem alert them to visit local govt area at NYSC office direct! abeg our problem are adding!.

  2. Please, :my payment status was showing pending as of a day before yesterday but I check my dashboard this afternoon is showing failed and I don’t really understand because on my dashboard my account details is correct and even my bank name is there too,and they are still telling me that my bank name is not available and also I have called the support number no one is picking my calls

      • Hello and good morning, pls try to do something and let all the beneficiaries smile in this festive period. Even if you don’t have regards for us, you should at least pity our feelings and the plans we have in mind towards our children wives and family members. Pls try to pay us before on 22nd or 23rd.

  3. My payroll is still showing payment data not available. My account number is 0053791745
    Bank: access
    I’d: npwr/2020/001***489

    • We have masked your BVN and Npower Details.

      Please I advised your follow the instructions in our prevent post. If the issue still exist, logout and login…. Any other issues call NASIMS MGT


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