Feminist Footballer Refuses to Observe One Minute Silence In Honour of Diego Maradona, Receives Death Threat (Photo)

Paula Dapena protested saying Maradona doesn't deserve one minute silence

Paula Dapena protested saying Maradona doesn’t deserve one minute silence

A female footballer who is also a feminist has refused to observe one minute silence for legendary footballer, Diego Maradona.

She has also revealed that following the act, she has received death threats.

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The Spanish player, Paula Dapena caused a stir after deciding to stage a protest during her team’s friendly match.

Dapena, who plays for Spanish side Viajes Interrias FF decided to sit on the field and faced the opposite direction, while other players observed a minute of silence.

“My teammates looked at me and laughed, because they knew I would not do it,” she told Pontevedra Viva.

“A few days ago, on the Day for the Elimination of Gender Violence, these gestures were not made and if a minute of silence was not observed for the victims, I am not willing to do it for an abuser,”

“I said that I refused to observe the minute of silence for a rapist, paedophile and abuser and that I had to sit on the floor and turn my back.”

“To be a player you have to first be a person and have values beyond skills like those he had, which we know were spectacular football qualities and talents,” she stated.

However, Dapena’s team went on to lose 10-0 Deportiva de Abegondo, according to Marca website.

Maradona faced accusations of domestic violence after he was caught on video in 2014 arguing with his then girlfriend and appearing to hit her.

He denied the accusations, saying: “I grabbed the phone but I swear to God that I have never hit a woman.”

No charges were brought.

Dapena said she had received lots of expressions of support “but I’ve also received death threats – and so have some of my teammates”.

“We were giving a minute’s silence to someone who committed domestic violence,” she said.

“For me, that’s something that my feminist ideals can’t allow: a tribute to Maradona.

“For me he was an incredible player, but as a person he left a lot to be desired.”

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