BREAKING: Bandits Threaten To Kill Abducted Kaduna Students, Issue Ultimatum, Demands N500 Million Ransom

BREAKING: Abductors Of Federal College of Forestry Mechanisation Students Demand N500 Million Ransom

Ejes Gist Nigeria can Authoritatively report that several parents of the kidnapped students of the Federal College of Forestry Mechanisation in Afaka, Kaduna state, have been asked to pay a whopping N500 million ransom before their children are released.

They also stated that they have lost faith in the government’s ability to secure their children’s release.

Despite the fact that ten of the students were released by the gunmen and have since reunited with their families, the remaining students have been kept in the bush since March 11, 2021.

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Mr Friday Sani, a spokesperson for the parents, told a press conference in Kaduna on Friday that the gunmen have begun calling them directly, demanding a ransom of N500 million for the release of their children.

“The situation we are in today is really pathetic,” he says, “and we are appealing to the whole world to come to our aid.” We staged a rally, and the Kaduna State Government called us, hoping to reassure us that our children will be rescued. They did warn us, however, that anyone caught dealing with bandits will be prosecuted.”

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“This also contributed to our second public appearance, in which we told the world via the media that it would be safer for us to be detained, even though we had already been mentally arrested after our children were kidnapped.”

“We are still under government detention; some of us have been unable to eat or sleep, and others have become ill, so there is no arrest higher than this,” he said.

“We will continue to protest, no matter how many security forces there are, because the highest price is death, and we are willing to pay the price for our children who have bright futures,” he said.

“We will be the happiest people if we can negotiate for the release of our children and succeed, then we will be the happiest people,” he says. It is preferable for us to be detained by the government than for our children to die.”

“What we don’t know about our children’s fate is the dilemma we have; the government has remained quiet since the release of ten of the children.

“Perhaps it’s because we’ve stopped talking and have been pleaded with not to speak to the media or protest in the streets. The government has been deafeningly silent about our kidnapped children. We don’t mind if the government takes credit for the ten students’ release; however, we want them to allow the release of others so that we can congratulate them even more.”

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“The government can transform Kaduna into Dubai, but it will be a waste of time if no one benefits from it. People are not secure, and regular reports of murders, kidnappings, and other types of crime are depressing.”

“We are pleading with the government to ensure that our children do not perish in the course of whatever action they wish to take in order to secure our children’s release, regardless of their silence,” Sani said.

On behalf of the parents, he appealed to the environment minister, the director general of forestry, the United Nations, and other humanitarian organisations to intervene and ensure the safe rescue of their children.


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