FCMB Managing Director’s Wife Packs Out of Husband’s House, May Seek Divorce

Adam Nuru MD FCMB | Over 1000 sign petition to sack adulterous FCMB MD Adam 

“The Moyo stuff is part one,  now he and his wife are currently facing the second part,”

All is not well in the home of Adam Nuru, First City Monument Bank (FCMBcontroversial )’s managing director, as his wife, known as Hauwa, has reportedly made plans to divorce him.

Sahara Reporters were told by family sources that Hauwa moved out of Nuru’s house and possibly told her lawyer to file divorce papers so that she could leave the union.

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It was learned that as grounds for divorce, she would cite infidelity.

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“I know that she’s moved out. Beyond Moyo or the late Tunde, this case is. Now his own marriage is going to crash. The wife and her family are really creating problems for him. They’re willing to deal with him. “The Moyo stuff is part one, and he and his wife are currently facing the second part,” one of the sources told SaharaReporters.

The social media has been rife with rumours for some weeks now that Nuru had an affair with Moyo Thomas, a former FCMB employee, fathering two children with her.

The alleged paternity fraud was also said to have resulted in the death of Tunde Thomas, the husband of Moyo.

In a petition, the friends of the deceased stated that after learning that his supposed two children with Moyo were not his, but Nuru’s, Tunde died of depression.

They also called for the sack of Nuru by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), while demanding a thorough investigation into the matter.

They claimed that because of the experience, Tunde suffered a stroke, but later recovered and then met another lady whom he planned to marry.

However, Tunde was said to have died two days before his relationship and the family of his fiancée were scheduled to meet, as is customary in Nigeria before marriages.

At the time of his death, his fiancée was said to be pregnant.


The petition read, “This is a case of gross misconduct based on ethical reasons and unjustifiable economic oppression by the elite (Adam Nuru) against the disadvantaged in society.”

To sweep this case under the carpet, the MD has been doing everything possible. We urge the Central Bank of Nigeria, as the apex regulator, and the FCMB board to investigate this for the integrity of the bank and the banking industry in Nigeria.

“This is a case for too many, although I agree that this is not the full storey, the cheapest minimum will be an investigation by the current FCMB Bank MD, Adam Nuru, of this unethical conduct.”

In order to allow the bank to investigate the allegations against him, Nuru recently went on leave.

In a statement last Tuesday, the bank made this known, saying the move was necessary to guarantee the sanctity of its investigations.

“We are aware of several stories about the Managing Director of our bank, Adam Nuru, a former employee, Mrs Moyo Thomas, and her deceased husband, Mr Tunde Thomas, circulating across several media platforms,” the statement said.

“While this is a personal matter, the tragedy of Mr. Tunde Thomas’ death and the allegations of unethical conduct require the board of the bank to examine what occurred, any breaches of our code of ethics and the adequacy of this code of ethics.

“This is already in development. The managing director offered to remain on leave throughout the duration of the study. This will guarantee the sanctity of the process of review.

Meanwhile, Moyo, who recently broke her silence on the matter, denied paternity fraud allegations levied against her.

She also denied ever telling her late husband in her declaration that he was not the father of her children.

“I write in reference to all the allegations and accusations that have been making the rounds on the internet and various social media platforms recently,” the statement said. For different purposes, I have refrained from addressing this matter, one of which is to preserve the memories of Tunde, who left to be with his creator on December 16, 2020. Recollections, not only of me, but of his children, who are still young, and of all those who have had a relationship with him.

“Just like every marriage, Tunde and I had a lot of disagreements in our marriage, some of which also led to police interference. But I remain committed to holding only good memories of him. No one will ever understand what happened between us or what each of us encountered in the marriage; like they say, it is he who wears the shoes who knows where it pinches. In all of it, I never for once wis

I never told him on any occasion that he was not the father of our two children. Therefore, it is deliberate falsehood and certainly malicious to claim and insinuate that I informed him that the children are not his. The children still bear his name. In an untimely period, only God knows why he died. It is not in my place or the place of anyone to play God and speak with certainty about the cause of his.


We never allowed our differences to influence the relationships we have with children, despite our separation. Up until his abrupt and tragic death, he still had talks with the kids like any father would. Seeing the pictures of these young children splashed all over the internet with quite disdainful and strange comments is very sad and disheartening.

I wish his family and friends the strength to bear the unfortunate loss and I ask that in peace we all be permitted to grieve his loss. He has now been laid to rest, and we implore all and all to please respect our privacy and allow those who grieve his loss to do so in peace, including the children and I.

Source : Sahara Reporters 


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