Abomination! Father impregnates Daughter twice , allegedly had twins the first time and sold one

Few days  in the past, EJES GIST REPORTS  {that a} father and his daughter have been banished from Okofia, Otolo Nnewi, in Anambra state, after the man impregnated his daughter twice.

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 It is now alleged that the first being pregnant the daughter had resulted in twins however she sold one.

The father, in his 60s, from Okija in Anambra state, impregnated his daughter the first time however, in response to a Facebook person who claims she’s their neighbor, he bought away with it as a result of members of the neighborhood the place he lives in Nnewi assumed it was one of the college students in the space who was answerable for her being pregnant.

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She allegedly gave start to twins and sold one of the infants.

Woman impregnated by her father twice allegedly had twins the first time and sold one

Only one year after she gave start, she’s anticipating one other baby, allegedly for her father too.

They have been pushed from the neighborhood they reside in due to the abomination they dedicated by participating in incest.


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