Father Mbaka releases December 2021 Prophecy, tells Christians what to do

 Father Mbaka releases December

December prophecy 2021 have been released by Father Mbaka.


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Father Mbaka prophecy 2021 can be accessed here …

“Welcome to the Month of December, It is Month of Blessings To every Christian; Don’t allow the devil to turn it to Month of destruction; In this Month you need prayer because of what is ahead of you.


“Do you know that there are a lot of people who started this year with you but they are no more, they have died; but you are here life and sound.

“Do you think that it is because of their sins that they were dead? No but you are alive because of God’s divine mercy. Can you thank God for being alive to witness this December 2021.

“Tell God that you are grateful, do something for him. Visit orphanage homes, prison or people in the hospital and show your appreciation.

“Forget all your commitments and thank God for His mercy, Our God is a merciful God; If you don’t know where to go visit Bright Child Orphanage Home or St. Vincent De Paul hospital and show God how grateful you are.

“It is not a must that you go there, call them and have their account number if you are too busy at work, if you need their phone number i will give you.

“I take you to the gospel of the lord…… From Luke 17:17-19……. saying…… And Jesus answering said “were there not ten cleansed? But where are the nine? The Nine Lepers were waiting for completion before they offered Appreciation.

“God’s divine healing, fruitfulness and miracles will not depart from you in Jesus name. Say Amen.”



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