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Father Mbaka Announces Governor Hope Uzodinma Obituary, Blesses Nnamdi Kanu

Father Mbaka

‘Gov Hope Uzodinma is dead, God bless ’  says Father Mbaka as he comes hard on the Imo Governor.

Ejes Gist Nigeria Nigeria reports that Reverend Father Ejike , Catholic Priest and Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry, Enugu, has accused the Imo State Governor  Hope Uzodinma of organizing the killing of Imo State residents.

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The controversial Cleric who recently called on President Muhammadu Buhari to resign or be impeached said although he does not support terrorism, he stands against killing and labeling innocent youths of the country as ‘terrorists’.


The recent jailbreak in Imo State, according to , may be God’s way of freeing his people from prison.

He also wondered why the assassination of Ikonso Don, a top leader of the Eastern Security Network, was being celebrated.


The Cleric also warned the leaders to eliminate poverty, unemployment, and insecurity, claiming that God was angry with them and that those advising Uzodinma had murdered him while he was still alive.

”I will never embrace terrorism, and I won’t let you label our children as terrorists when they aren’t. If some criminals broke into the prison in Owerri, and you found them, arrested, and interrogated them, it’s likely that no human being broke into the prison; it may be a God-given jailbreak.

”It occurred in the fifth chapter of Acts of the Apostles. There was no break-in, and no one was detained. God has the power to set the captives free.

”It is evil for people to go around killing our young men without putting them on trial. I’m simply issuing a note to our Governors. are dying like rats, and no one seems to notice; God is furious with the country’s leaders, from Buhari to the last. You’ve let God down.

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”Hope Uzodinma, who came here and vowed to protect the lives of Imolites by placing his hand on this altar, is now planning the killing of Imolites and wants me to keep quiet?


”I remained silent until my brother’s blood was shed. Never, ever! Many who endorse it will pay the price. How did you do it? Is it difficult for the military, police, and DSS to apprehend a single individual? What if the person you killed was not guilty of the charges against him?

“You killed Ikonso and parade his body around as if nothing happened. Kill poverty, unemployment, and insecurity the way you know how, evil people. God’s wrath has erupted. If you remain silent about what is going on in the world, no prophet will be spared. It cannot deter them if the leaders do not stop what is going on.”

He urged Nigerians to avoid misquoting him, claiming that he is just a God’s messenger and that Buhari does not name him and that he does not call Buhari.


”They said that it was I who prayed for Hope Uzodinma. How am I interested in Hope Uzodinma, which was like a vision that came to me? I don’t know his political background, but the message from God just passed through me. Until today, no one who became Governor (Uzodinma) has come to give thanks to God here. I’m confident that if he seeks help from this refuge, he would not make a mistake. Uzodinma’s advisers have assassinated him while he is still alive.”

Mbaka also prayed for Nnamdi Kanu, the chief of the , to be blessed by God.

It is not wrong, he believes, for someone to have the courage to speak up while his people are being mistreated.

”I want you to know that I have no idea who Nnamdi Kanu is and have never met him in person, but may God bless him wherever he is. It is not a bad thing if anyone has stood up to say that his brothers are in pain; may the Lord praise his bravery.

Father Mbaka Announces Governor Hope Uzodinma

”What’s going on in this country is tragic, tear-jerking, nerve-wracking, and mind-boggling. Can our security agents and representatives give us an account of how many people died in the last week or month? There is a leadership and students are being abducted from the university. If they are a part of it or they should stop, or what is going on will stop them. “Remember, Buhari, Hope, and those who want to fight me, there was a time when God told me to help you people, and now God has told me to withdraw and prophesy against you,” he said.

# Father Mbaka Announces Governor Hope Uzodinma


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