Farm Worker Tortured With Hot Charcoal For Stealing 4 Eggs

Farm Worker Tortured With Hot Charcoal For Stealing 4 Eggs

After allegedly being tortured with hot charcoal for stealing four guinea fowl eggs, a Zimbabwean farm worker was left with injuries.

Personal Paulo, 34, had his feet burned with hot charcoal by Leon Koza, who is said to be the brother-in-law of the owner of Plumstead Farm, where he worked.

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Paulo recounted his ordeal, saying that when Koza discovered he had stolen eggs, he tied him to a metal object, beat him with a baton stick until his feet swelled, then took some hot charcoal and began to burn his swollen feet while telling him to tell others that stealing is bad.

The farmworker said he was assaulted on February 6 and only sought medical help on February 26 after Koza threatened him with arrest and dismissal if he reported the incident.

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Paulo was only able to seek medical attention after his sister, who had paid him a visit, discovered that his brother had wounds under his feet that were oozing blood and that he was unable to walk.

Koza was arrested after a report was filed at Banket Police Station, and he has since appeared in court and been remanded out of custody on free bail until March 19. Paulo is currently receiving treatment at Banket District Hospital for wounds sustained during the assault.


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