If truth must be told, president Buhari in comparison to former president Obasanjo has demomstrably shown urbaneness in his actions and policies since assuming power as an elected civilian president of Nigeria. The few missteps of Presdent Buhari pale to nothing when juxtaposed to Mr Obasanjo’ s atrocities while presiding as the president of the country for 8 years.

Adesua Etomi
Adesua Etomi

while serving under Obsanjo was blinded to the many injustices and abuses unleashed by his master on hapless and innocent Nigerians.
But because he no longer enjoy all the privileges and affluence associated with power, he has suddenly become a defender of human rights which himself and his master denied people in less provocative circumstance and milieu as President Buhari find himself now
Nigerians will recall that under President Olusengun Obasanjo , the people of Odi in Bayelsa state were massacred in thousands. Similarly , hundreds of people were gruesomely murdered in Zaki Biam in Benue State. But what we have witnessed so far under Buhari are the aberrative actions of people with propensity for crimes as distinct from the deployment of military personnel and tanks against people the president swore oath to defend.Such crimes committed by Obasanjo are enough to warrant his arraignment before international criminal court of justice.Yet he and his lieutenants bandy credentials that he is perceived by his actions to lack in and outside government. Several elected governors were harassed and hounded for holding and expressing views which the laws of the country vested them with.From Alamiesegha, Ibori, Ngige, Fayose, Tinubu, Dariye etc who had battles with Obasanjo for merely exercising powers duly delegated to them to IGP Balogun who was disgraced in the worst humiliating circumstance over an unsubstantiated suspicion.
Even against the orders of court , the people of lagos state were denied their local government allocations for much of the tenure of Obasanjo in reaction to an action lawfully taken by governor Tinubu.The pains the people of Lagos had to contend with during those period the constitution was being brazenly raped did not prick the conscience of Obasanjo and his lieutenants who out of idleness and envy now parade themselves as crusaders and apostles of human rights .

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Obasanjo’s government was characterised by high profile murders that could not be unravelled by law enforcement agencies on account of presidential complicity.
The orchestrated impeachments of principal officers of the national assembly over mere disputations were surfeiting and embarrassing to the nation.
But president Buhari, is showing himself as a better democrat for opting to live with the traducements and vituperations of so many elected members of the national assembly and her leadership presumably over paradigm differences in the management of the country’s revenue. Could Obasanjo have maintained the kind of presidential temprament as being exhibited by President Buhari to the tantrums being showered daily on the current president? The answer is an obvious no .

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The purpose of this response is not to evaluate the entirety of the achievements of President Buhari vis a vis that of his predecessor but to only highlight human right records of the two personages.
At the right time a comprehensive compendium of Buhari’s unmatched achievements shall be presented to Nigerians for all to behold and evaluate through the micro judgement of each reader without choreographics.


Prince Christopher Akpojotor Agaga



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