Stanley Okoro Death: Another Popular Nollywood Actor Dies of Food Poisoning

Stanley Okoro biography , Stanley Okoro Actor Death

The death of fast-rising actor , who died of suspected , has left some actors and actresses heartbroken.

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According to an online post, , also known as Rabbi, died of suspected yesterday, breaking the hearts of most actors and actresses who worked with him.

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Actress Lizzy Gold and Adaeze Fluke, among others, appear devastated by the news of Stanley Okoro’s death, as they never want to believe he’s gone, even though they just finished working together, according to Adaeze.

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Stanley Okoro biography

The death rate in Nollywood is increasing, and this is the third death in less than a month, leaving most of the actors and actresses heartbroken. While death comes to everyone, some deaths are too sudden.

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Most people are unaware of  Okoro, but those in the film industry who have worked with him are devastated, especially since his death was attributed to suspected food poisoning, implying that he was murdered.

Stanley Okoro biography.

He died on August 12, 2021, of suspected  food poison.

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Stanley Okoro Net worth 

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