Ogun Govt Suspends Commissioner Who Allegedly Press Breast of 16-year-old before Reciting Incantations

The household of Melojuekun Barakat, a teen allegedly sexually harassed by the Ogun State Commissioner for Environment, Abiodun Abudu-Balogun, has withdrawn the allegation.


The father of 16-year-old Barakat, Monsuru Melojuejun has expressed his want to discontinue with the case towards the commissioner.


In a viral video on social media, the sufferer’s father mentioned he’s not fascinated about urgent additional the matter additional, begging Nigerians and worldwide group and the media to help him by laying the matter to relaxation.

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“I am the biological father to Melojuekun Barakat, who was in the news recently about a sexual harassment between her and the current Commissioner for Environment in Ogun State in person of Hon Abiodun Abudu-Balogun,” he mentioned.


“I want to thank the media for their doggedness and aggressive support to make sure justice prevail. I am using this opportunity to also thank the international community, well-meaning Nigerians and all Ogun State indigenes that showed their love and encouragement to this matter.”


He attributed the explanation to “few misconceptions and misunderstanding” alongside the road within the alleged case of sexual harassment proffered towards the commissioner.


“Sincerely I found that there have been some misconceptions and misunderstanding alongside the road between my daughter and the Hon Commissioner. Having found this, I deemed it match to return to the general public and inform Nigerians and worldwide group that this matter should be allowed to put to relaxation.


“As a father to Melojuekun Barakat, I’m utilizing this chance as properly to appeal to all Nigerians and worldwide group and the media too that I don’t have curiosity on this matter once more.


Ogun Govt Suspends Commissioner Who Allegedly Press Breast of 16-year-old before Reciting Incantations

“I am withdrawing my case and want them as well to support me the same way they did in the beginning of this matter,” he concluded.

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