How Spot Fake NPower Text Message & E-mail Address

This post will guide you  on how to Spot Fake NPower Text Message & E-mail Address.

According to Ejes Gist Nigeria’s correspondent, an unknown individual has sent a text message to mostly Npower Batch C applicants, which is now trending.

It’s important to note that the message is being sent to applicants not only by text message, but also as a circular message on social media platforms.

You are reading how to spot Fake NPower Text Message 

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Fake NPower Text Messages: How to Spot Them

The above post, which appears to have questionable motives, even reaches some of the exited batches A and B Volunteers who may have given valuable information on a public domain or bogus Npower website.

According to the paper, the Message instructed some potential Npower applicants to click a link and fill out a form as soon as possible to verify their phone number and N-Power ID. This isn’t real, and it’s a ruse! Do not enter your Npower information into any fake portal that requests your Npower or Nexit login information. Unless the message originates from the genuine Npower Nasims portal.

Following the above fraudulent post, Ejes Gist Nigeria has compiled a list of Security Tips on How to Spot Fake N-Power Tex Messages and Email Addresses.

Fake NPower Text Messages and E-mail Addresses: How to Spot Them


If you are being guided to enter your N-Power information through a connection from a text message, and the link does not take you to the Nasims portal, but instead redirects you to another portal, you should be able to tell that the message is not from the right source.

Sample of Fake NPower Text Message 

How Spot Fake NPower Text Message & E-mail Address

A fake Npower email example

The following is an example of a fraudulent N-power fake email address:

1) npower2017.helpdesk npower2017.helpdesk npower2017.helpdesk

2) npower ng npower ng npower ng @gmail.


4) npowerng and other similar addresses

5) send an email to [email protected]

And share this with your mates.

Advice: If the connection address appears to be odd, do not click on it; instead, ignore it.

NpowerNG Email Security Tip: Check for spelling errors.

NPOWER Nigeria’s email addresses are free of grammatical and spelling errors.

The 419 changes their spelling to be identical.

NpowerNG Email Security Tip : Look at the salutation.

Phishing emails mostly use generic salutations.

We don’t expect Npower to address you as “Dear Applicants” because it already has your details. A genuine npower email from it will always use a personal salutation with your first or  last name..

In case of issues during the batch C registration process, Npower made the NASIMS help contact available to the general public.

Here is Npower e-mail [email protected] and [email protected] you must note that all Npower Batch C email must end with  It can be [email protected]  or [email protected], but must end with 

Any email that don’t end with is not from Npower Batch C registration.

For help send email to [email protected]

Thanks for reading how to spot Fake NPower Text Message 

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