1. Good evening Sir. In my own case… I have four months that is showing failed transfer… For January, February,2022 and September December 2021

  2. Good morning my name is Hadiza Danjuma NpwR 2020/002020221 I noticed that my may stipend had not been paid, its showing failed transfer not successful, first bank,

  3. Thank you so much for putting this helpful info out here. I am an Npower beneficiary and I haven’t being paid for the month of May, I have sent them countless online msgs on their site and even emailed them but without using this wonderful format but they have never replied me even once and I came across your post and i followed your directives and boom within one hour after sending them a mail I received a reply…thanks so much again for all your updates on Npower and other things.

  4. gooday sir this awotile damilola,npwr/2020/00***5/06***/ I notice that my November stipend is failed system errors


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