BREAKING: Buhari suffers another setback, as Facebook deletes his controversial message

Facebook deletes Buhari’s civil war statement for violating policy

deletes Buhari’s civil war statement for violating policy. 

President Buhari’s civil war declaration was removed from Facebook after it was found to be in violation of the social media platform’s community rules against encouraging violence.

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He had promised to punish secessionists in the region who were responsible for attacks on government institutions.

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Many individuals misbehaving now are too young to remember the fatalities and destruction caused by the civil war, according to Buhari, who served in the army.

As a brief check by LailasNews verified, Facebook has immediately removed the post from their platform, as has the entire message.

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This comes after we previously revealed that, despite user complaints, the content remained on their platform.
According to Facebook’s answer to LailasNews, President Buhari’s post was removed off their site in accordance with their global policy.

The social media behemoths also stated that a post on President Buhari’s Facebook page had been removed for breaking our Community Standards against encouraging violence.

Reiterating our commitment to delete any content that breaches Facebook policies, whether it comes from people or organisations.

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“We’ve removed a post from President Buhari’s Facebook page for violating our Community Standards against inciting violence, as per our global policies. We remove any content on Facebook that breaches our policies, whether it comes from individuals or organisations,” a Facebook spokesperson said.

Buhari’s tweet, in which he threatened to deal with “misbehaving” elements in “the language they understand” while referring to Nigeria’s civil war, was also deleted by Twitter.

The internet company defended its actions by claiming that the President’s tweet broke its guidelines.

Facebook deletes Buhari’s civil war statement for violating policy



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