Exclusive: Is VP Osinbajo still in the Upper-room?

Osinbajo Yemi


“It is natural that those blokes dwelling in the glass-house are going to kick up suspicions and anxiety within your corridor especially when your intentions are unknown to them and that can freak them out. Be as honest as you can in terms of sharing your purpose and goals, especially when you propose new social development projects. Even in my absence or not, let them know what is going on, as well as the motivations behind your choices. Don’t let them draw their own conclusions.” The Protector of the Realm muttered without a blink.

“And in the event you ought to deliver a not-too-good news, do well to sugarcoat it via your oratory prowess if not, the unknown shall be unveil. Remember, the best you can do for yourself is to stay in line with the directives without grumbling and gnashing of your teeth. Say to the public, I treat you like a son and that things are somewhat all right now, but we have your back in taking the nation to higher height.” says the Lord Commander.

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Days ago, the media space was riding speedily in mockery, as a bill was taken to be assented to a part of the United Kingdom while the second-in-command was alive and kicking under the cloud hovering above. What a humiliation!!! Those concerned begins to imagine and have a rethink into the core responsibilities and duties of the Office of the Vice President, most especially when his principal is away from the helm of affairs in the guise of a foreign trip. Please don’t align such with flurries of constitutional quotes because it purpose has been slightly defeated The Human common sense will accurately depict that there is something not right between the once regarded no-nonsense boss and his subordinate, which a module of social intelligence might precisely term as “frosty relationship.”

Before now, I have stated categorically in a previous piece titled “between the reality and the fallacy” – that one ought to recognize that the present political ups and downs is somewhat connected with the decay of stalwartness; the fight for an unforeseeable race; and that one can probably bring about some scrutiny and some improvement by starting at the verbal end. If we simplify our English, we are freed from the worst follies of orthodoxy. You cannot speak any of the necessary dialects of the aides being escorted outside the corridor of the room to see to the continuity of their routine being appropriated to their embattled principal, and when you make a stupid remark; its stupidity will be obvious, even to yourself.

The frequency at which the talking drum is being played doesn’t in its entirety, synchronized with the lyrics of the music played at the background. There are cracks of shock waves queuing to be display from the privy of the Upper-room before and during when the infamous Deputy Lord Commander was a cross between a must-resigned contest and a debate of impeachment with an encyclopedia of clichés, the first prize. There are lots of turning backs in every corner. The red-capped man has more political strengths and muscles in and out, hiding under the tent of working toward a new deal for Nigeria.

Is the Vice President now relegated as a Front Desk Officer welcoming guests into the privy of the Upper-room? Why is there much denigration of that Office under this administration even in the advent of democratic enlightenment? Let’s have a rethink into modernity, the game of done-and-dusted comes with variations, and this is true of all political cementations. From the Commanders of the Protector of the Realm and himself to the one-man battalion of the Eko Politics and their lackeys – is designed, to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind. Why must an aide of the President make amends and corrections to a proposal presented by the Vice President without the prior knowledge of the boss himself? Isn’t that a break in exercising power?

In the closet of their myopic thinking edifice, they have picnics together in the day and touch swords together at midnights. They stare at each other without a blink saying “The boss can govern Nigeria from anywhere.” After all, he is the boss and no one can do anything about it. What a disturbing phrase. Little wonder, the Eko Political Master commended the assentation of that Bill off the nation’s corridors.

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Those faceless cabals navigating the movement of the Famous Holder of the Rock are not smiling at all. They painstakingly gripped every administrative and political power in their palms while watching closely at every move taken by the second-in-command. His wings are tightly clasped and clothed with soft-white fabric like a drowning corpse waiting to be buried beneath the ground, as over thirty of his appointed aides are being relished of their appointment without recourse. Truth be told – He deserves a round of applause for always possessing the hard skill in finding a sense of balance through his level of reception, which he had displayed and exhibited over and over again.

Patriotic Nigerians are craving for a society where both political and unbiased admiration for polity and policies characterization shall be fearlessly but not ignorantly displayed dimensionally on national screen without getting a smack down from the evil warlocks. The field is wide enough and the ground is friendly. Let Uncle Osinbajo bear his fangs and deal with whatsoever is happening between his boss and himself. Oga na Oga.

God bless Nigeria.

Adeyinka writes from Lagos
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