Exclusive: Delta State House of Assembly is in dire need of a PARADIGM SHIFT


By : Hon

One of the factors militating against our development as a State is the nonchalant approach of the Delta State House of Assembly towards Governance in Delta State. There is no gainsaying that we are a State with a Legislative body that has misplaced its priorities.

Ordinarily, the Legislative arm of Government ought to be an institution which represents the common interests of the people via lawmaking and oversight functions on the activities of the executive arm of government.

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In a truly democratic society, the Legislature exists as an independent institution with an obligation to deepen democracy and strengthens the polity.

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Unfortunately, what we have in Delta State is in contrast with the norm. How do we explain a situation where members of the Delta State House of Assembly see the Executive Governor as their Boss? It is abnormal and unconstitutional.

In a sane society, the obligation of the Legislature is to police the Executive arm of Government but it’s rather unfortunate that in Delta State, the reverse is the case. It is the Executive branch of Government that acts as the Police of the Legislature, whipping Honourable members of the Delta State House of Assembly into puppets and political servants.



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