EXCLUSIVE: ADP Pulls Out Of Coalition, To Address Nigerians On Wednesday

ADP action democratic party

The () has distance itself from the Coalition of Unity Political Parties (CUPP) involving about 38 political parties. 

In an exclusive update obtained by WAILERSNG.com, the online newspaper also in a telephone chat with the National Chairman of the Party, Engr. Y. Y Sani on Tuesday morning in Abuja, said that the vision of ADP does not go in line with the reasons for such coalition. 

Speaking further with our correspondent,  Engr Sani said that ADP will address  Press on Wednesday to make its position clear to the Nigerian public. 

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ADP posited that as a credible alternative political party against the misrule of the past, present government and political parties, it would be wrong to join same method used by the ruling APC where strange bed fellows came together for the purpose of wrestling power from the then President.

The party says that this level of desperation where political parties will keep coming with the habit of forming coalition every four years won’t be to the best interest of Nigerians and that of our nascent democracy, speaking further, Sani posited that the coalition is not for the purpose of making Nigeria great but for selfish interest of those involved. 

The party said if Nigerians should critically look at those in the formation of the Coalition of Unity Political Parties (CUPP), majority of them are the architect of Nigeria’s problems, that teaming up with such people won’t speak well. 

ADP however assured members and Nigerian that their vision is for a new and better Nigeria and not that of desperate politicians queuing and teaming up to take power from another failed government in order to continue the circle of failure.



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