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In response to a piece titled “Evelyn Oboro Inestimable Legislative Experience Far Outweighs Ovie Agege’s Rascality and Vain Self Glorification” written by one Fred Oghenesivbe or Latimore been in circulation on social media remains prevaricated with a clear agenda of spreading intellectual leprosy and cheap propaganda against most distinguished Senator Ovie Omo-Agege.

That Fred Oghenesivbe or Latimore ascribed Evelyn Oboro as a grounded politician remains his acridly imagination and phantasy which is far from reality, thou we are not surprise because the writer is just a mere contracted immanency opportunistic, who is far from modern and historical factual realities.

However, we wish to follow the memory lane in other to school the writer and his cotravellers on some facts which is not at their disposal due to his long absenteeism from Delta State in search of greener pastures. That Evelyn Oboro was a councillor under Grassroot Democratic Movement (GDM) and latter a L.G.A chairman due to circumstances is no news but that she failed her people woefully, just like she is failing continuously brings decisive reasoning why she is unfit and would amount to miscarriage of reasonings for her to represent Delta Central in any capacity.

That the first ever major road that was constructed in Delta state with crude tools such as shovels, headpans, wheelbarrows, barehands among other unmechanized tools was a contract under her watch – the first construction of Alegbo road, that lasted for just six month, that was washed away with the first rain. Moreover, with all her educational achievement as listed by the writer, Evelyn Oboro remains the most outstanding educational throttler of the century.

That she is a product of Alegbo Primary School that hosts her votes and polling units in all elections that has made her life and political citations – remains a clostridial myonecrosis or progressive emphysematous amongst citadel of education in Delta state shows Evelyn Oboro crassitude towards others acquiring education, thou not a surprise because she remains a core practitioner and apostle of gender elitism.


Furthermore, it is sloppy of Fred Oghenesivbe or Latimore to associate the most distinguished Senator Ovie Omo-Agege with rascality is foolish of him – what is more rascal, for a fellow woman to mobilize thugs to maim her fellow women who are on a peaceful protest against electoral malpractice of 2007 in Delta state. Will Fred Oghenesivbe or Latimore denies the facts that his younger sister, who is his madam at the moment, that contracted him to write garbage against the people’s Senator, was not privy and acknowledged her misdeed against her own fellow women???

Distinguished Senator Ovie Omo-Agege remains a refined and well trained person who will not engage in any inhuman acts not even in politics, unlike some ostrich who would not mind remaining rascal-fuckers to power. That Fred Oghenesivbe or Latimore is a political escapologist is no news but for him to say that Distinguished Senator Ovie Omo-Agege gifted #5,000 to 20 women in eight L.G.A is unhealthy of his old age, which has made him a chief merchant of cheap lies because of stomach infrastructure is alarming.





Senator Ovie Omo-Agege in his magnanimity has always and will continue to assist market women with #20,000. Senator Ovie Omo-Agege gave 300 women per market and has given to over 25 markets in Delta central making over 6,000 market women beneficiaries to his free gift of #20,000 which Evelyn Oboro families and friends are also beneficiaries.


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We besiege the general public and our teeming supporters to jettisoned in totality Fred Oghenesivbe or Latimore fabricated and unfounded lies, as they have no effect because the people has solely agreed to vote and re-elect Senator Ovie Omo-Agege as their Ranking Senator comes 16th February, 2019 for the pro bono publico and not Angelina. Vote Senator Ovie Omo-Agege. Vote an Urhobo Ranking Senator.

Vote All Progressive Congress 5/5


This Allographed is submitted by Jacob Eyagomare Director Strategy and Innovative Design #TeamRescueDeltaCoalition


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