Enugu State Polytechnic, Iwollo (ESPOLY) was established by virtue of the Enugu State Polytechnic Law of 2015.

Applications are invited from qualified candidates for appointment into the following vacant positions below in Enugu State:

1.) Assistant Technical Officer

2.) Assistant Laboratory Technologist

3.) Senior Lecturer (Mechanical Engineering)

4.) Senior Lecturer (Civil Engineering)

5.) Senior Lecturer (Computer Engineering)

6.) Laboratory Technologist

7.) Confidential Secretary II

8.) Senior Lecturer (Electrical Electronic Engineering)

9.) Lecturer I (Electrical Electronic Engineering)

10.) Senior Lecturer (Mechatronics Engineering)

11.) Senior Lecturer (Agricultural Engineering)

12.) Graduate Assistant Lecturer (Science Laboratory Technology)

13.) Lecturer II (Computer Engineering)

14.) Graduate Assistant Lecturer (Statistics)

15.) Lecturer I (Computer Engineering)

16.) Graduate Assistant Lecturer (Computer Science)

17.) Lecturer II (Electrical Electronic Engineering)

18.) Graduate Assistant Lecturer (Banking and Finance)

19.) Assistant Store Officer

20.) Graduate Assistant Lecturer (Accountancy)

21.) Senior Lecturer (Accountancy)

22.) Lecturer II (Agricultural Engineering)

23.) Lecturer I (Agricultural Engineering)

24.) Lecturer I (Mechatronics Engineering)

25.) Lecturer II (Mechatronics Engineering)

26.) Lecturer II (Mechanical Engineering)

27.) Lecturer I (Mechanical Engineering)

28.) Lecturer II (Civil Engineering)

29.) Lecturer I (Civil Engineering)

30.) Security Guard

31.) Lecturer II (Statistics)

32.) Senior Lecturer (Science Laboratory Technology)

33.) Lecturer II (Computer Science)

34.) Lecturer I (Banking and Finance)

35.) Senior Lecturer (Statistics)

36.) Senior Lecturer (Computer Science)

37.) Lecturer II (Banking and Finance)

38.) Lecturer I (Accountancy)

39.) Senior Lecturer (Banking and Finance)

40.) Lecturer II (Accountancy)

41.) Lecturer III (Agricultural Engineering)

42.) Lecturer III (Mechatronics Engineering)

43.) Lecturer I (Science Laboratory Technology)

44.) Lecturer III (Mechanical Engineering)

45.) Lecturer III (Civil Engineering)

46.) Lecturer III (Computer Engineering)

47.) Lecturer I (Statistics)

48.) Lecturer II (Science Laboratory Technology)

49.) Lecturer III (Electrical Electronic Engineering)

50.) Lecturer I (Computer Science)

51.) Lecturer III (Science Laboratory Technology)

52.) Lecturer III (Statistics)

53.) Lecturer III (Computer Science)

54.) Lecturer III (Banking and Finance)

55.) Graduate Assistant Lecturer (Computer Engineering)

56.) Lecturer III (Accountancy)

57.) Graduate Assistant Lecturer (Electrical Electronic Engineering)

58.) Graduate Assistant Lecturer (Agricultural Engineering)

59.) Graduate Assistant Lecturer (Mechatronics Engineering)

60.) Graduate Assistant Lecturer (Mechanical Engineering)

61.) Graduate Assistant Lecturer (Civil Engineering)

Method of Application

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