CBN Issues Official eNaira Guidelines

The eNaira Speed Wallet has reappeared on the Google Play Store, 24 hours after it vanished.

On Wednesday, just 48 hours after its launch, the Three-Naira Speed Wallet app vanished from the Google Playstore.

CBN’s Director of Corporate Communications, Osita Nwanisobi, told reporters in Abakaliki on Thursday that the app’s disappearance was only temporary because it was undergoing a major upgrade to address bugs discovered since its launch.


Nigerians had chastised the app for making it difficult to link their emails and BVNs.

Over 100,000 people had downloaded the app before it went offline.

The app went missing on Wednesday afternoon and reappeared at 1 p.m. on Thursday.

According to  investigation, some Nigerians are still leaving negative reviews on the app due to their inability to log in.

How do I fund my – Steps on

Steps you should take & How To Fund eNaira Wallet From Bank Account & Simple Guide on website and .   

Since the Official unveiling of the . Many of how users have been asking how can they find the website.

This page was created to answer the following questions:

 Steps on How To Fund eNaira Wallet From Bank Account

By following the instructions in this post, you will learn how  To Fund eNaira Wallet From Bank Account and the  Steps In Funding eNaira Wallet From Bank Account

Funding of your eNaira wallet can be done through your regular bank app from your bank account and via cash through an eNaira verification agent, over the counter at a designated bank branch or a SANEF agent.


When it comes to the eNaira wallet, it’s a digital storage/purse where eNaira is kept.
Users cannot hold, access, or use the eNaira currency without the wallet.
Steps to Adding Money to Your eNaira Wallet Directly From Your Bank Account

How do I fund my eNaira wallet?

The following are the steps on How to Fund an eNaira Wallet From a Bank Account;

  1. Go to your mobile banking app or online banking platform and login.

  2. Find and click the eNaira button that has been added to banking apps.

  3. Select the type of eNaira account you want (Either individual or Merchant).

  4. Select a transfer method (Either transfer to eNaira or withdraw from eNaira).

  5. Type in your eNaira username, which is your BVN’s email address.

  6. Enter the password for your eNaira wallet.

  7. Remark, then continue by clicking where necessary.

  8. Enter the appropriate authentication information (transaction pin or online/mobile banking token, for example).

  9. Check your wallet to see if you have any eNaira in it.

Check: eNaira Speed Wallet Download Link – How To Sign Up

Everyone can easily fund their eNaira speed wallet without going through any stress if the above steps are followed correctly. Also Read eNaira Speed Wallet Download Link – How To Sign Up

Congratulations. You have learnt Steps on How to Fund an eNaira Wallet From a Bank Account


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eNaira wallet is the new digital currency and official wallet of the Central Bank of Nigeria.


:  Financial institutions licensed by the CBN will be responsible for ID verification, eNaira payment processing, and creating wallets for customers to hold their eNaira.

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