Elon Musk

tweets of death “If I die, it was nice knowing you”

Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter and CEO of Tesla Motors, has tweeted an unsettling message, implying that his life may be cut short.

Musk tweeted “if i die, it was nice knowing you”

Though he did not elaborate on his anxieties, the billionaire intimated that his life might be in danger.

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Musk claims that it has been pleasant getting to know “you” in an apparent gesture of lack of regret.

Although it is unknown who “you” in this case refers to, it is widely assumed that he is referring to the many netizens who have expressed their support for him.

“It’s been lovely knowing ye, even if I die under unexplained circumstances,” he tweeted.

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“When told that his reaction was unappealing by a fan, Musk vows he’ll do whatever he can to .”

“That’s not funny,” the fan said. “I’m sorry!” he replied. I’ll do everything I can to stay alive.”

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