EFCC raids A3 hotels, broke doors and arrested lodgers, Lady narrates


Lady narrates how ‘ operatives’ raided hotel in Ibadan, broke doors and arrested lodgers 

An operative of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) raided a hotel in Ibadan, Oyo state, and arrested many lodgers, according to a Nigerian woman.

The lady claimed she stayed with her boyfriend in a hotel they had visited several times since 2020 in a Twitter thread.

Two men barged into their room around 3 a.m., screaming that they were EFCC operatives and demanding that they bring their phones.

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The woman explained that she remained calm despite her fear because her boyfriend had a nervous condition and was interested in cryptocurrency.

She claimed she first handed over her phone so her boyfriend could hide his cryptocurrency apps. They returned her phone after she stated that she is a baker and provided proof of her work, according to her.

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Ibadan efcc arrest scene

“They began searching my boyfriend’s phone, and one of them inquired as to whether I was his girlfriend or wife, so I took advantage of the opportunity to make small talk and jokes.” I told him I was his girlfriend, but I was on my way to marrying him. He laughed and asked why he hadn’t married me yet; I told him it was because of the money. But we have money for a hotel, he said, and I told him that hotel money is shikini nau Officer, and that we want a big wedding. He laughed and said, “Oh, we have to marry,” to which I replied, “Of course,” and that I’d even send them an invitation. Because of me, he laughed and asked his colleague to return my man’s phone to him. She wrote, “That they should move on to other rooms.”

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“Every single room in every single building here, and the hotel has three buildings, was broken into.” The hotel is , Samonda, which is located across from Ventura. They raided all rooms and packed a lot of guys and girls. They, too, drove away in their automobiles. Some were beaten, while others were punished. It was a nightmare.”


Her tweet has sparked some discussion on Twitter, with some users criticising the EFCC for the alleged invasion.

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“What makes you think @officialEFCC officers will act like rogues?” What happened to gathering intelligence, going to a location, and requesting that your suspect open their door or speak with the hotel owners? Why are you attacking innocent people in the name of a few criminals?” a user commented.

That is all the latest information on Ibadan EFCC arrest



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