Why Twitter deletes Keyamo’s Offensive Tweets on Eedris Abdulkareem

Festus Keyamo Eedris

Festus Keyamo’s tweets in which he posted private messages and Eedris Abdulkareem’s phone number were deleted by Twitter.

After Eedris unsuccessfully begging for financial help, the junior labour minister said that Eedris humiliated him in his new album.

The minister then revealed private conversations he had with the artist three years prior as proof of his allegation that he had been hustled for money, drawing widespread condemnation.

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On Sunday morning, the microblogging site was questioned about Keyamo’s behaviour.

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Privacy advocates have chastised the minister for his unethical conduct, claiming that his actions could lead to abuse of the musician.

As a senior Nigerian lawyer, Keyamo was also chastised for sharing private conversations containing personal details.

The minister could also face suspension for failing to remove the tweets amid repeated requests from Nigerians, prompting Twitter content managers to do so on their own.

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