Edwin Clark reacts to police invasion, Vows to take legal action


Elder statesman and former Federal Minister of Information, , has threatened to take legal action over the raid on his home by men of the Nigeria Police on Tuesday.

Officers from a unit called the IGP’s Special Tactical Squad, stormed his residence in Abuja, with a warrant to search for weapons.

Giving an account of the incident, Clark said, “At about 12:30 pm some people came to me that policemen were waiting for me, I asked, what for? They said they had a warrant to search my house. I asked them to come in.

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“Some were outside and I learned they came with two vans.

“I asked them, do you know me? I am an old man going to 92, I have been a Federal Minister of Information, been a senator and you think that I’m piling weapons?

“I told them to go ahead with their search. They searched all the rooms but found nothing. They wrote their report and asked three of my people to sign and they left”, he said.

Clark described the incident as an embarrassment, adding that he would not be intimidated by anyone.

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“This is a total embarrassment but nobody can intimidate me. They said they were from the IGP’s Special Tactical Squad. Well, I have consulted my lawyers,” he added.



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